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Grade 7 and Grade 8 Math

Looking for lessons, videos, games, activities and worksheets that are suitable for 7th and 8th Grade Math?

In these lessons, we will learn about Integers, Exponents and Roots, Algebra, Rational and Irrational Numbers, Absolute Values, Scientific Notation, Transformation, Percents, Linear Functions, Linear Inequalities, Geometry, Trigonometry, Construction, Probability, and Statistics.

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Common Core Math Grade 7

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integer Integers


exponents Exponents and Roots

rational irrational Rational & Irrational Numbers

absolute value Absolute Value

scientific notation Scientific Notation


percent Percents

algebra Algebra


linear functions Linear Functions

(Graphing Lines on the Coordinate Plane)

linear inequalities Linear Inequalities

geometry Geometry

Angles and Transversals


Area of Composite Figures

Volumes Of Solids

Surface Areas

Congruence and Similarity

Similar Triangles and Polygons


rotation Transformation



Miscellaneous Math Games

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