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Line Plots

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Examples, solutions, videos, and worksheets to help Grade 4 to Grade 8 students learn how to make and interpret line plots

A Line Plot is a graph that shows the spread of data using Xs above a number. The X shows the number of times the value appears in the data set.

The Line Plots
A short description about the interpretation of line plots

What is a line plot?
How to interpret the data?
Draw conclusions and make predictions based on the data
How to use and make line plots?
A line plot uses marks to record each piece of data above a number line.
Some students took a survey to see how many pencils each had in their desk. They recrded the data in the line plot. How many students have pencils in their desk? Read and Make Line Plots, finding Median, Mode and Range
Children in sixth grade were asked how many minutes they spend on homework. Below is a line plot of their answers. Find the mode, range and median.

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