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Videos, worksheets, stories and songs to help Grade 6 students learn about integers. In these lessons, we will learn
  • what is an integer and what is not an integer
  • how integers are represented on the number line
  • a rap that will help you remember what is an integer

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What is an Integer?

Whole numbers greater than zero are called positive integers.
Whole numbers less than zero are called negative integers.

Here is the set of all integers
{..., − 5, − 4, − 3, − 2, − 1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...}

Integers can be represented as evenly spaced points on the number line.
Each negative integer is the mirror image of a positive integer with respect to the 0 mark.
The integer 0 is neither positive nor negative. Negative integers are all less than any positive integer

Exploring Integers for Grade 6
What are integers and their applications?
Examples of Integers in real-world applications
1) Write an integer appropriate to each situation.
a) Daniel owes $23
b) Mary earned $250
c) The temperature in the freezer is 18 degrees Celsius below zero.

2) Order these numbers from least to greatest −2, 0 −4, 4
Defines integers and explains how to compare and order them

Introduction to Integers
This video introduces integers, compares integers using inequality symbols, defines absolute value, and determine opposites of integers.
We can use the inequality notation to compare integers
a < b is read "a is less than b"
a > b is read "a is greater than b"
If you plot two numbers on the number line. The larger number is always to the right and the smaller number is to the left.

Opposites are two numbers that are the same distance from zero.
Distinguish between Integers and Non-integers Integers Song: Learning About Positive or Negative Whole Numbers
How to do simple math problems with integers by using a number line as an aide to visualize the process?
Integer Rap
A rap to help you remember what is an integer. Integers Rap

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