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Solving Problems Using Similar Triangles

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Examples, videos, solutions, and worksheets to help Grade 8 students learn how to solve problems using similar triangles.

Examples of solving problems using similar triangles
Example 1:
Fred needs to know how wide a river is. He takes measurements as per the diagram at the right. Determine the river;s width.
Example 2:
Determine the ratio of the areas of the two similar triangles.
Example 3:
If the area of the smaller triangle is 20 m2, determine the area of the larger triangle.
Ratio and Proportion word problem solving, similar triangles and equivalent fractions
Ted owns a dog-training facility and wants to create a ramp for the dogs to rum up a platform. Ted wants the ramp to rise 10cm for every 30cm in horizontal length. The height of the platform is 180cm. Ted has calculated that he will need a space of 550cm for the ramp? Is he correct?

Similar Triangle Problem
In this video, we work out a two step similar triangle area problem. The problem is shown conceptually, figuring out what is being asked, setting up the proportion needed to find the missing side of a right triangle, then using the formerly missing side to find the area of a triangle

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