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We have a collection of science projects, videos and experiments for various grades and topics.
  • Fun Science Projects & Experiments for Kids (Grades 1 to 3)
  • Junior Certificate Science Experiments for Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Tests for Biochemicals and Gases
  • AP Biology Labs
  • High School Chemistry and Physics Experiments
  • Science Topics, Projects and Experiments (Grades 3 to 6)
  • Biology and Physics for Key Stage 3
  • Concepts of Physics (6 to 12 years old)

Fun Science Projects & Experiments for Kids (Grades 1 to 3)

Junior Certificate Science Experiments for Biology

Junior Certificate Science Experiments for Chemistry

  • Separation Techniques, Test pH, Gases in Air, Tests for O2, CO2
    Experiments for Chemistry
    Investigate conditions for rusting,
    pH of a variety of materials,
    Prepare a sample of sodium chloride,
    React zinc and hydrochloric acid,
    Show that 20% of air is oxygen,
    Show there is carbon dioxide in air,
    Show there is water vapor in air,
    Prepare and test oxygen gas,
    Properties of Carbon Dioxide Gas,
    Carbon Dioxide does not support combustion and is more dense than air,
    Limewater test for Carbon Dioxide,
    Presence of dissolved solids in water sample

Junior Certificate Science Experiments for Physics

  • Density, Spring, Energy Conversion, Expansion, Contraction, Heat Transfer
    Experiments for Physics
    How to Find the Density of a Solid or Liquid?
    Hooke's Law: What happens to a spring when we add in some force?
    Frequency vs. Tension of a Stretched String
    Energy Conversion: Electrical to Light to Heat
    Energy Conversion: Electrical to Magnetic to Kinetic

    Experiments for Physics
    Expansion and Contraction of Solids when heated and cooled,
    Expansion and contraction of Liquids when heated and cooled,
    Expansion and contraction of gases when heated and cooled,
    Heat transfer by conduction,
    Heat transfer by convection,
    Heat transfer by radiation,
    Heat transfer in water by conduction,
    Light travels in straight lines,
    Reflection of light by plane mirrors,
    Magnetic field of a bar magnet,
    Electrical conduction in a variety if substances

Science Topics, Projects & Experiments for Grades 3 & 4

Food Chains
Simple Machines
Changes in Water & Matter Air Pressure
Predicting Weather
Our Solar System
The Stars & Space

Science Topics, Projects & Experiments for Grades 4 & 5

Living Things
Balance of Nature
Fossils & Geology

Science Topics, Projects & Experiments for Grades 5 & 6


Human Systems


Biology for Key Stage 3

  • Lessons for Biology KS3
    Food Chains
    Food Webs
    Energy transfer in chains & webs
    Energy from food used for respiration
    Energy Pyramids

    Muscles & Movement
    Muscle Response

    Plants & Light
    Plants & Responses
    Growing Plants & Fair Test
    Growing Water Cress (fair test)
    Warming Up (fair test)
    Red Squirrel Population

    Microbes & washing hands
    Size of Microbes
    Growth rate of microbes
    Prevention of infection during operations
    Microbes sterilization - Control of infection in operating theatre
    Microbes & spots on your face

    Plant Growth
    Plant growth rates
    Plant growth & photosynthesis
    Plant growth results
    Conditions For Growth in Plants

    Plant nutrients & CO2
    Effect of CO2 concentration on plant biomass
    Oxygen production by photosynthesis
    Plant stress

    Human Nutrition

    Human Digestion
    Saliva & gastric juices
    Digestion after the stomach
    Digestion - breaking down complex molecules
    Feeding Habits
    Energy used by knotweed
    Energy in food

    Respiration Products
    Respiration equation
    Respiration & lack of oxygen
    Respiration in Cells
    Respiration - Efficiency of horses

    Onion cells & Cheek cells
    Cells - Model of animal cell
    Cells - Plant cell structure
    Function of the Cell membrane

    Cells & growth
    Cells & Reproduction
    Cell growth rate
    Cells - Yeast growth & the nucleus
    Growing skin cells

    Reproduction - fertilization
    Reproduction in plants
    Self & cross pollination
    Reproduction - pollination of apple trees
    Reproduction - pollen tubes in plants

    Seeds Dispersal - Wind, Water, Animals, Self
    Asexual Reproduction

Physics for Key Stage 3

  • Lessons for Physics KS3
    Static charge transfer
    Static electricity - Helicopter
    Static Clothes

    Static & Current
    Conservation of Current
    Increasing the Potential Difference
    Electrical Resistance
    Resistivity of ground

    Magnetism - Lodestone
    Magnetism - shipbuilding
    Magnetism - laws
    Magnetism - fields

    Magnetism - electromagnet
    Magnetism - compass correction
    Magnetism - magnetic strength
    Magnetism - induction

    Pressure equation
    Pressure over small area
    Pressure - spreading weight
    Pressure - ballerina vs tank

    Forces - balanced, stationary
    Forces - addition & pressure
    Forces - upthrust
    Forces - salt water
    Forces - helium upthrust

    Forces in a lift
    Forces in a falling lift
    Forces - Mass & weight
    Forces causing movement

    Forces - Reducing Friction
    Forces - Friction on ice
    Forces - Friction in fluids
    Forces - Air resistance on a bike

    Forces - Speed distance time
    Forces - Speeding cars
    Forces - Speed skating
    Forces - distance time graphs
    Forces - Acceleration

    Sound - Resonance of glass
    Sound production
    Sound - Loudness
    Sound - Frequency of sound
    Sound - Resonance

    Frequency Amplitude
    Sound - Transmission of sound
    Sound - String telephone
    Sound in water
    Sound - echo location

Concepts of Physics (suitable for 6- to 12-year olds)

High School Chemistry & Physics Experiments

This is a series of chemistry & physics experiments presented by Dr Matt Carlson, a high school science teacher.

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