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Interpret Circle Graphs

Examples, videos, worksheets, stories, and solutions to help Grade 6 students learn how to interpret circle graphs.

How to read and interpret circle graphs?
What is a circle graph?
A circle graph, sometimes called a pie chart, is just another way of displaying data.
The data in a circle graph is divided into parts called sectors.
Leon surveyed 30 people about pet ownership. The circle graph below shows his results. Use the graph to answer the following questions.
a) How many of the 30 people said they did not own pets?
b) Three people responded that they own both dogs and cats. Based on this information, how many people own cats only?
Interpreting Circle Graphs
1. If there 400 students in the school, how many play sports after school?
2. If there are 400 students in the school, how many play video games after school?

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