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We have a collection of videos and experiments that are suitable for the different levels of Biology: Junior Certificate Science, Experiments for Biology, Tests for different Biochemicals, Biology for Key Stage 3, IGCSE Biology, AP Biology and College Biology, AP Biology Labs, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Immunology.

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Biology Experiments

Biology for Key Stage 3

  • Food Chains

    Food Chains & Food Webs
    Food Chain
    Food Webs
    Energy transfer in chains and webs
    Energy from food used for respiration
    Energy Pyramids

  • Plants & Plant Growth

    Plants and Light
    Plants and Responses
    Growing Plants and Fair Test
    Growing Water Cress (fair test)
    Warming Up (fair test)
    Red Squirrel Population

    Plant Growth
    Plant growth rates
    Plant growth and photosynthesis
    Plant growth results
    Conditions For Growth in Plants

    Plant Nutrients
    Plant nutrients and CO2
    Effect of CO2 concentration on plant biomass
    Oxygen production by photosynthesis
    Plant stress

  • Cells & Cell Growth

    Cell Structures
    Onion cells and Cheek cells
    Cells - Model of animal cell
    Cells - Plant cell structure
    Function of the Cell membrane

    Cell Growth
    Cells and growth
    Cells and Reproduction
    Cell growth rate
    Cells - Yeast growth and the nucleus
    Growing skin cells

  • Reproduction

    Plant Reproduction
    Reproduction - fertilisation
    Reproduction in plants
    Self and cross pollination
    Reproduction - pollination of apple trees
    Reproduction pollen tubes in plants

    Seeds Dispersal
    Wind, Water, Animals, Self

    Asexual Reproduction

  • Nutrition, Digestion, Respiration

    Human Nutrition

    Human Digestion
    Saliva and gastric juices
    Digestion after the stomach
    Digestion - breaking down complex molecules
    Feeding Habits
    Energy used by knotweed
    Energy in food

    Respiration Products
    Respiration equation
    Respiration and lack of oxygen
    Respiration in Cells
    Respiration - Efficiency of horses

  • Microbes & Infection

    Microbes and washing hands
    Size of Microbes
    Growth rate of microbes
    Prevention of infection during operations
    Microbes sterilization - Control of infection in operating theatre
    Microbes and spots on your face

  • Muscles & Movement

    Muscles and Movement
    Muscle Response

IGCSE Biology

The following lessons cover some of the topics for the Edexcel IGCSE Biology

AP Biology

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