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How to Write an Algebraic Expression

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Examples, solutions, videos, worksheets, games, and activities to help Algebra 1 or grade 7 students learn how to write word problems as algebraic expressions.

How to translate words into algebraic expressions?
The sum of a number and six.
The difference of a number and two.
The product of a number and five.
The quotient of a number and four.
The ratio of a number and four.
Seven less than a number.
Nine decreased by a number.
Twice a number.
Three times a number subtracted from ten.
Five added to the product of nine and a number.
Six less than the quotient of number and four.
How to write algebraic expressions when one quantity is more or less than another?
1. Juan is 6 inches taller than Niko. If we let N represent Niko's height in inches, write an algebraic expression for Juan's height.
2. Linda and Joan went shopping. Linda spent $25 less than Joan. If we let J represent how much Joan spent, write an algebraic expression for how much Linda spent.

How to write algebraic expressions?
1. Rita's score is 13 more than 4 times Milan's score. If we let s represent Milan's score, write an algebraic expression for Rita's score.
2. Ted's debt is 15 less than half of Mike's debt. If we let x represent Mike's debt, write an algebraic expression for Ted's debt.
How to write an algebraic expression for the distance traveled by two people with the total distance known?
Ron and Monique were driving to a business meeting 85 miles from their office. Ron drove the first x miles, then Monique drove the rest of the way. Write an algebraic expression for how many miles Monique drove.

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