Basic Algebra or Algebra I

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Common Core Math Algebra

Need help in Basic Algebra or Algebra I?
We have a series of free Basic Algebra or Algebra I Video Lessons.
The pre-algebra review is from the Portland Community College.

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Pre-Algebra Review

  • 1.1 Introduction

    Whole Numbers
    Place Value & Word Names
    Expanded Form
    Rounding & Inequalities
    Addition & Subtraction of Whole Numbers

    Whole Numbers
    Multiplication & Division
    Exponents & Powers of Ten
    Order of Operations: Problems with Two or More Operations

  • 1.2 Factors & Fractions

    Divisors & Factors
    Divisibility Tests

    Factors & Fractions
    Primes & Composites
    Prime Factorization
    Least Common Multiple
    Fractions & Mixed Numbers: What is a Fraction?

    Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers & vice versa
    Reducing Fractions
    Multiplication of Fractions

    Division of Fractions
    Multiplication & Division of Mixed Numbers
    Listing Fractions in Order of Value

    Addition of Like & Unlike Fractions
    Addition & Subtraction of Mixed Numbers

    Subtraction of Fractions
    Order of Operations & Average

  • 1.3 Decimals

    Decimal Numbers
    Place Value & Word Names
    Expanded Form
    Decimals to Fractions
    Listing Decimals in Order of Value

    Approximation of Decimals
    Addition & Subtraction of Decimals
    Multiplication of Decimals

    Multiplication & Division by Powers of Ten
    Division of Decimals
    Fractions to Decimals & vice versa
    Order of Operations & Average

  • 1.4 Ratio, Proportions & Percents

    Ratio & Proportion
    Solve Proportions
    Word Problems (Proportions)

    What is Percent?
    Changing Decimals to Percents & vice versa
    Fractions to Percents & vice versa

    Fractions, Decimals, & Percents Review
    Solve Percent Problems
    Word Problems (Percents)
    Business Related Problems

  • 1.5 Measurements

    English Measurements
    Metric Measurements
    Conversion of Units

  • 1.6 Geometry

    Perimeter & Circumference
    Area of Common Geometric Figures
    Volume of Common Geometric Solids

  • 1.7 Signed Numbers

    Signed Numbers
    Addition & Subtraction of Signed Numbers

    Multiplication & Division of Signed Numbers Review
    Order of Operations

Basic Algebra

Solving Equations

Linear Equations & their Graphs

Quadratic Equations & Functions

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