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Science KS3/Checkpoint 1

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A series of free Science Lessons for 7th Grade and 8th Grade, KS3 and Checkpoint Science in preparation for GCSE and IGCSE Science.


The Scientific Method Safety in the Lab Basic Lab Equipments How to use a Bunsen Burner?


Characteristics of Living Things
Life Processes Respiration Germination
Major Organ Systems
Organ Systems Skeletal & Muscle Systems Circulatory & Respiratory Systems Nervous & Digestive Systems Excretory & Endocrine Systems
How to use a Microscope? History and Parts of Cells Specialised Cells and Blood Cells Muscle Cells Cells in a Leaf Looking at Cells

Microbes Fungi Fungi - Yeast Monera - Bacteria Protists Virus
Living things in their environment
Ecology Sampling of Habitats Plant Adaptations Animal Adaptations Aquatic Adaptations Feeding Adaptations
People and the Planet
Steam and Wind Power Coal and Hydro Power Biofuels Pollution to Land and Sea Greenhouse Effect, Ozone Layer
Classification and Variation
Classification of Living Things Animal Classifications Plant Classifications Variation in Species
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The States of Matter
Compare States of Matter Changes to States of Matter Heating Curve Solute + Solvent = Solution
Properties of Matter and Materials
Metal, Non-metal, Alloys Properties of Matter Test the Properties of Matter
Acids and Alkalis
Acids and Alkalis Neutralisation
Rocks and Soil
Structure of Earth Rock Cycle Weathering Types of Soil
Finding the Age of the Earth
Fossils Age of Rocks

Measurements Heat and Temperature
Forces and Motion
Types of Forces Friction, Air Resistance Gravity, Weightlessness Compression, Springs Magnetic Force, Viscosity
Forms of Energy Kinetic, Potential Energy Sound Energy Electromagnetic Energy
Energy Transfers
Transfer of Energy Sankey Diagram
The Earth and Beyond
Earth, Solar System Light-Year, Universe

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