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These lessons on matrices include: what are matrices, operations on matrices, determinants and inverses of matrices, using matrices to solve systems of equations, Gauss-Jordan Method, Row Reducing Method, Matrix Row Transformation, Cramer’s Rule and using determinants to find the area of shapes.

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Matrix Introduction

Matrices (singular: matrix, plural: matrices) have many uses in real life. One application would be to use matrices to represent a large amount of data in a concise manner so that we can process the data in various ways more conveniently.

For example, the sales of different types of pre-packed food from 3 stalls during a given period of time could be shown in the form of a table here:

Stall A Stall B Stall C
Packs of noodles sold 36 21 43
Packs of rice sold 27 56 35

This table can be represented as a matrix:


This matrix could then be added with another that represents the sales for a different period of time to get the total for the two periods of time, etc.

Introductory Lessons Focusing Mostly On 2×2 Matrices

More Lessons On Matrices

(include introductory as well as more advanced materials.)

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