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These lessons, with videos, examples and solutions, help Grade 6 students learn the rules for adding integers. In this lesson, we will learn some songs and rap that will help us remember the rules for adding integers.

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The following diagrams show the integer rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Scroll down the page for songs, examples, and solutions.

Rules of Integers

Integer Rules Rap

Integer Rules Song (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide)
We can sing the following to the tune “Mary had a little lamb”

Adding integers with like sign
Add them together, give them that sign
Adding integers with different sign
Subtract them and give them the largest number sign

Subtracting integers is so fine
Add the opposite every time
Now just follow the addition rules
For adding like signs or different signs

To multiply or divide
All you have to do is look at their signs
When both have the same sign
Your answer is positive
Different signs - your answer is negative

Integer Addition and Subtraction Music Video
Same signs add
Different signs subtract
If the same
keep the same
If different
sign of larger

Adding and Subtracting Integer Rules Song
We can sing the following to the tune “row row row your boat”

Same sign keep and add,
Different signs subtract,
Keep the sign of the bigger number,
Then, you’ll will be exact.

Adding and Subtracting Integers Blues Song
I never been so mad before.
Come to find out I can’t add no more.
When positives and negatives are in my sight,
boom boom, out go the lights.

It used to be that I could add with flair,
5 + 2 I could add without care,
but now that it’s five + negative 2
Boom Boom, I don’t know what to do.

Adding Integers is like watching a war.
The side that’s gonna win is the side with more.
So if five is there add -2 comes by,
boom boom - a bunch are gonna die.

No kidding - they’re ready to fight,
ain’t no need to call CSI, -8 + 3,
boom boom, crash
What if -5 walks through the best buy doors and runs into a negative four
They are both on the same force so no boom - just shopping galore.

Multiply Integers Song
when the good guys win thats good
and when the good guys lose thats bad
and when the bad guys win that’s also bad
but when the bad guys lose hey that’s good

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