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We have a series of free College Algebra Video Lessons from UMKC - The University of Missouri-Kansas City.

The topics are Algebra Review, Graphs, Functions and their Graphs, Equations and Inequalities, Polynomial and Rational Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Systems of Equations, Sequence, Series and Binomial Theorem.

UNIT 0 - BASICS: Remembrance of Things Past

Lecture 1: NUMBERS Sets of Objects [4 min.]
Natural Numbers [7 min.]
Integers [5 min.]
Rational Numbers [13 min.]
Irrational Numbers [2 min.]
Real Numbers [1 min.]
The Real Line: From Numbers to Points [4 min.]
Real Numbers are Ordered [19 min,]
The Real Line: Distance Between Points [8 min.]
Real Numbers as Decimals [11 min.]

Lecture 2: THE LANGUAGE OF MATHEMATICS Learning to Read Mathematics [7 min.]
Some Symbols of Algebra [9 min.]
Nouns, Pronouns, & The Main Verb of Algebra [4 min.]
Theorems, Corollaries, Lemmas, and All That [7 min.]

Lecture 3: THE POWERS THAT BE: EXPONENTS Integer Exponents [12 min.]
Operations with Integer Exponents [31 min.]
Square Roots: A Pair Of Equal Factors [13 min.]
Nth Roots & Rational Exponents [12 min.]
Operations with Rational Exponents [21 min.]

Lecture 4 Part 1: POLYNOMIAL EXPRESSIONS What is a Polynomial? [18 min.]
Adding & Subtracting Polynomials [3 min.]
Multiplying Polynomials [19 min.]
A Common Error [5 min.]
Handy Polynomial Products [15 min.]
Un-Multiplying (Factoring) Polynomials [28 min.]
Completing A Perfect Square [10 min.]

Lecture 4 Part 2: POLYNOMIAL EXPRESSION Dividing Polynomials: Rational Expressions [24 min.]
The Art of Simplification [14 min.]
Solving Some Polynomial & Rational Equations [46 min.]

Lecture 5: MORE NUMBERS and GEOMETRYBeyond Real Numbers: Complex Numbers [19 min.]
Some Area Formulas [8 min.]
The Pythagorean Theorem & A Visual Proof [12 min.]


Lecture 6: GRAPHS Rectangular Coordinates: Geometry Meets Algebra [11 min.]
Distance Between Points [18 min.]
Midpoint of a Line Segment [7 min.]
Your Graphing Device [17 min.]

Lecture 7: GRAPHS  Graphs of Equations [25 min.]
Intercepts: Crossing the Axes [12 min.]
Symmetry of Graphs [14 min.]
Lines: Defining "Slope" [34 min.]

Lecture 8: GRAPHS  Lines & Their Equations [24 min.]
Parallel & Perpendicular Lines [26 min.]
Circles & Their Equations [28 min.]
Some Exercises Explained [16 min.]


Lecture 9: FUNCTIONS AND THEIR GRAPHS Function: The Central Idea of Mathematics [26 min.]
The Language & Notation of Functions [20 min.]
More On Domains [19 min.]
Function Notation Practice [16 min.]

Lecture 10: FUNCTIONS AND THEIR GRAPHS  Visualizing Functions: Graphs of (x, f(x)) Pairs [26 min.]
Increasing & Decreasing Functions [23 min.]
Local Maximums & Local Minimums [18 min.]
Even & Odd Functions [20 min.]

Lecture 11: FUNCTIONS AND THEIR GRAPHS  A Library of Important Functions [20 min.]
Piecewise Defined Functions [19 min.]
Some Exercises Explained [11 min.]

Lecture 12: FUNCTIONS AND THEIR GRAPHS Graphing Techniques: Vertical & Horizontal Shifts [28 min.]
Graphing Techniques: Compressions & Stretches [27 min.]
Graphing Techniques: Reflections Across the Axes [17 min.]
Putting It All Together: Moving The Graphs of Functions Around The Plane [36 min.]

Lecture 13: FUNCTIONS AND THEIR GRAPHS  The Algebra of Functions [16 min.]
A New Operation Unique To Functions: Composition [24 min.]

Lecture 14: FUNCTIONS AND THEIR GRAPHS  Mathematical Models of Real World Problems: Constructing Functions [55 min.]


Lecture 15: EQUATIONS IN 1 VARIABLE Solving Equations (Approximately) with a Graphing Device & The Intermediate Value Theorem [44 min.]
Solving Linear Equations: The "Linear Formula" or, Graphing [23 min.]
Solving Non-Linear Equations That Lead To Linear Equations [13 min.]

Lecture 16: EQUATIONS IN 1 VARIABLE  Solving Quadratic Equations: Factoring, or, Graphing [11 min.]
A Complex Reminder & The Principal Square Root of a Negative Number [12 min.]
Solving Quadratic Equations: The "Quadratic Formula" & The Discriminant or, Graphing [50 min.]

Lecture 17: EQUATIONS IN 1 VARIABLE  Some Linear & Quadratic Equation Exercises Explained [24 min.]

Lecture 18: EQUATIONS IN 1 VARIABLESetting Up Equations: More Mathematical Models [65 min.]

Lecture 19: EQUATIONS IN 1 VARIABLE  Solving "Radical" Equations [14 min.]
Solving Equations "Quadratic in Form" [15 min.]
Solving Factorable Equations [7 min.]

Lecture  20: INEQUALITIES IN 1 VARIABLE Properties of Inequalities [20 min.]
Solving Inequalities In General [17 min.]
Solving Linear Inequalities [19 min.]

Lecture  21: INEQUALITIES IN 1 VARIABLE   Solving Quadratic Inequalities [17 min.]
Solving Higher-Degree Polynomial Inequalities [14 min.]
Solving Rational Inequalities [27 min.]

Lecture 22: EQUATIONS & INEQUALITIES IN 1 VARIABLE  When Absolute Value Appears: Equations [12 min.]
When Absolute Value Appears: Inequalities [17 min.]
More Exercises Explained [15 min.]


Lecture 23: POLYNOMIAL FUNCTIONSDegree 2: Quadratic Functions [19 min.]
Graphing Quadratic Functions [39 min.]
Quadratic Functions As Mathematical Models [25 min.]

Lecture 24: POLYNOMIAL FUNCTIONS Degree "n": General Polynomial Functions [8 min.]
Special Case: Power Functions & Their Graphs [18 min.]
Graphing General Polynomial Functions: Zeros, Multiplicity, Turning Points & End Behavior [40 min.]

Lecture 25: LOCATING THE ZEROS OF A POLYNOMIAL FUNCTION How Many Zeros Are There? [12 min.]
How Many Zeros Are Real? [13 min.]
How Many Real Zeros Are Positive Negative? [16 min.]
Where (On What Interval) Are All Real Zeros? [22 min.]
How Can You Guess The Location of Real Zeros? [4 min.]
How Can You Reduce The Number of Real Zeros? [21 min.]

Lecture 26: LOCATING THE ZEROS OF A POLYNOMIAL FUNCTION Strategy & Tools: A Practical Checklist [14 min.]
Some Polynomial Exercises Explained [22 min.]

Lecture 27: RATIONAL FUNCTIONS General Rational Functions [14 min.]
What Is An Asymptote? [17 min.]
Finding Asymptotes of Rational Functions [35 min.]
Graphing Rational Functions [19 min.]


Lecture 28: EXPONENTIAL FUNCTIONS One-To-One Functions [14 min.]
Exponential Functions & Their Graphs [26 min.]
The Natural Exponential Function [15 min.]

Lecture 29: LOGARITHMIC FUNCTIONS Inverse Functions [23 min.]
Logarithmic Functions & Their Graphs [24 min.]
The Natural Logarithmic Function [4 min.]

Lecture 30: LOGARITHMIC FUNCTIONS  Properties of Logarithms [17 min.]
All Logarithms are Natural (or Common)! [15 min.]
Solving Logarithmic Equations [20 min.]
Logarithmic Models: Sound (Loudness) & Fury (Earthquakes) [16 min.]

Lecture 31: EXPONENTIAL FUNCTIONS (con.) Solving Exponential Equations [15 min.]
Exponential Models: Compounded Interest, and Growth & Decay [32 min.]


Lecture 32: SYSTEMS OF LINEAR EQUATIONS Systems of Linear Equations in General [19 min.]
Solving A System of 2 (or 3) Linear Equations in 2 (or 3) Variables: Substitution [20 min.]
Solving A System of 2 (or 3) Linear Equations in 2 (or 3) Variables: Elimination [36 min.]

Lecture 33: SYSTEMS OF LINEAR EQUATIONS  Some Exercises Explained [31 min.]
An Application: Writing Proper Rational Functions As Sums of Simpler Proper Rational Functions (Partial Fractions) [43 min.]

Lecture 34: SYSTEMS OF NON-LINEAR EQUATIONS Solving (Mostly Graphically) a System of 2 Non-Linear Equations in 2 Variables [14 min.]


Lecture 35: SEQUENCES Infinite Sequences: Functions With Domain N [28 min.]
The Factorial Symbol: ! [8 min.]
Adding The First n Terms of a Sequence: nth Partial Sums & Summation Notation [17 min.]

Lecture 36: SEQUENCES  Arithmetic Sequences: Adding Your Way to Infinity [18 min.]
Geometric Sequences: Multiplying Your Way to Infinity [30 min.]

Lecture 37: SERIES & INDUCTION Geometric Series & Their (Infinite) Sums [26 min.]
The Principle of Mathematical Induction [30 min.]

Lecture 38: THE BINOMIAL THEOREM The "Binomial Coefficient" Symbol [11 min.]
Pascal's Triangle [19 min.]
The Binomial Theorem: How to Expand (x+a)n [32 min.]

THE X-Y FILES: The Proof is in Here

Lecture 39 FOR UNIT 0 [29 min.]
  • A Proof That Squareoot 2 Is Irrational [6 min.]
  • A Proof That There Are The Same Number of Rational Numbers as Natural Numbers! [9 min.]
  • A Proof That There Are More Real Numbers Than Natural Numbers! [14 min.]

FOR UNIT 2 [17 min.] 

  • Algebra For Science: Variation [17 min.]

FOR UNIT 4 [21 min.] 

  • How Can You Find Rational Zeros (if any) of a Polynomial Function? [21 min.]

FOR UNIT 7 [19 min.] 

  • A Proof That "e" Is Irrational [19 min.]

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