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A series of free IGCSE Physics Notes and Lessons with examples and solutions.


Kinetic Energy Elastic Potential Energy Gravitational Potential Energy Specific Heat Capacity Specific Heat Capacity Experiment Energy Transfers Examples Work Done by a Force Power and Work Done Energy Efficiency Energy from Fossil Fuels Renewable Energy

Current in Series Circuit Current in Parallel Circuit Charge in Circuits Energy Transfer in Circuits Potential Difference in Series Circuits Potential Difference in Parallel Circuits Potential Difference from Batteries Resistance Resistance Experiment Resistance of a Filament Light bulb Resistors in Series Circuits Resistors in Parallel Circuits Resistors in Series and Parallel Potential Dividers Light-Dependent Resistors Thermistors Diodes and LEDs Relays Electrical Energy Calculations AC and DC Current
Atomic Structure and Radioactivity

Particle Model of Matter

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