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Grade 2 Math

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Common Core Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Looking for songs, videos, games, activities and worksheets that are suitable for Grade 2 Math and English?

In this collection of lessons, we will learn phonics, grammar, numbers, addition, subtraction, mixed operations, multiplication, fractions, money, time, data & graphs, measurement, geometry and probability.

Grade 2 Popular Topics





Mixed Operations





Data & Graphs




Math Worksheets

Common Core

Learn Phonics

Consonant Digraphs ch-, sh-, th-, and wh-
Consonant Digraphs ch-, sh-, th-, and wh-

Phonics Games for Kids Lots of games to help you learn the consonant sounds, the vowel sounds

Grammar for Kids

Adjectives Comparative & Superlative
PunctuationsQuestion Marks, Periods, Exclamations

Grammar Games for Kids Games that help you learn about nouns, adjectives, punctuations, verbs and much more.


Review Numbers and Skip Counting from Grade 1

Even and Odd Numbers

Even and Odd Numbers Videos and songs to learn about odd and even numbers
Even and Odd Numbers Worksheets (Numbers up to 10)
Even and Odd Numbers Worksheets (Numbers up to 100)
Even and Odd Numbers Worksheets (Numbers up to 1000)

Even and Odd Number Games Games to test your knowledge of even and odd numbers

Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers Videos to learn about ordinal numbers
Ordinal Numbers Worksheets (first to tenth)
Ordinal Numbers Worksheets (eleventh to thirtieth)

Place Values

Place Values Activities, songs and videos on place values

Place Value Games Lots of games to help you learn more about the number system and place values

Compare Numbers

Comparing Numbers Videos Alligator Greater than
Greater than & less than sign
Comparing numbers to each other
Compare Numbers 1 Worksheets (Less than 10)
Compare Numbers 2 Worksheets (Less than 100)
Compare Numbers 3 Worksheets (Less than 1000)
Bill's Wishes Help make Bill's wish come true by choosing the correct comparison operator.
Alligator's LunchLearn how to use the greater than and less than symbols with Allie the alligator.
Number CompareCompare using the greater than and less than symbols.
Greater than and less thanEverybody gets confused with their greater than > and less than < signs. Here is a small game to help you remember which is which.

Roman Numerals (I, V, X, L)

Roman to Arabic (Largest symbol - L) Worksheets
Arabic to Roman (Largest symbol - L) Worksheets

Roman Numerals Games Lots of games to help you learn the Roman Numerals

Estimation and Rounding

Rounding Games Estimation and Rounding Games
Rounding Worksheets to the nearest 10
Rounding Worksheets to the nearest 100
Rounding Worksheets to the nearest 1,000
Rounding Worksheets mixed - 10, 100, 1,000



Addition without Regrouping or Carry
Addition with Regrouping or Carry

Addition Skills (Worksheets)

Addition (sum up to 10)
Addition (sum up to 18)

Addition without regrouping or carry

Addition with regrouping or carry


Addition Games Lots of Addition Games to increase your addittion skills while having fun.


Subtraction without regrouping or borrowing
Subtraction song or poem about regrouping or borrowing
Subtraction with borrowing (2 digits)
Subtraction with borrowing (3 digits)

Subtraction Skills (Worksheets)

Subtracting Two Numbers (Minuend up to 10)
Subtracting Two Numbers (Minuend up to 18)

Subtraction without borrowing

Subtraction with borrowing

Subtraction Games Lots of fun games that will improve your subtraction skills

Mixed Operations

Word Problems for Grade 2 Mental Strategies Add & subtract within 20
Odd and EvenUp to 20 Addition Arrays Number of objects
Place Value Hundreds, Tens, Ones Skip-count by 5'sUp to 1000
Skip-count by 10's, 100'sUp to 1000 Number FormsNumerals, Names, Expanded Form
Compare Numbers 3-digit Numbers Addition Strategies Add within 100
Subtraction StrategiesSubtract within 100 Add 2-digit NumbersAdd up to 4 numbers
Addition Subtraction StrategiesWithin 1000 Add Subtract 10, 100Mentally add 10 or 100

Addition and Subtraction Games

Da Numba Welcome to the world of Da? Numba where a quick eye and a sharp mind will get you very far! Just add, subtract and react to the falling tiles. The game gets more challenging when some of the blocks have negative numbers on them.The game starts slow then gets faster as you move through the levels. Math 101 Play Math 101 game and get to beat the other school kids at Math and show the teacher who is good at addition and subtraction.
Double Digits Improve your math skills by adding or subtracting the double-digit numbers. Math Attack II Form equations from the numbers and operations. Test your mind with this game. You need to be fast and smart to beat the time!
More Addition and Subtraction Games  

Number Sentence Worksheets

Number Sentence (+, ?, =) Number Sentence (plus, minus, equals, not equals)

Introduction to Multiplication

Multiplication as Repeated Addition Videos to learn Multiplication as repeated addition

Multiplication Times Table (Videos)

Multiplication Facts (In Order) Worksheets

Multiplication Facts (Not In Order) Worksheets

Multiplication Games Lots of games to improve your multiplication skills


Fractions (Songs and Videos)
Fractions in Words (Worksheets)

Fraction GamesGames to help you learn about fractions, equivalent fractions and more.


Count MoneySolve word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, using $ and ?? symbols appropriately. Change Maker GameGet as much money in your piggy bank as possible, by figuring out the correct change. 4 difficulty levels.
Money Master Game How good are your money handling skills? How fast can you give change? Counting ChangeMatch groups of coins with their amounts.
More Money Games Lots of Money Games. Practice and have fun.  


Revision Days of the Week, Months of the Year, The Fours Seasons, Telling Time from Grade 1 Tell TimeTell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes, using a.m. and p.m.
Match the TimeMatch the digital time to the analog time. Giraffe Dash Key in the digital time from the analog clock as fast as you can to win the race.
What time will it be?Work out the answer to find out what time it will be. Learning Elapsed TimeMove the hand of the clock to get the elapsed time
More Time Games Telling Time Analog & Digital Clocks Elapsed Time  

Data and Graphs

Line Plots How to make a line plot? Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs Interpret Graphs
Graphs What is a graph? Drawing Graphs Plotting Graphs Bugs in the system To clear a room of bugs, drag the bugs to the bar graph
Making Bar GraphsFollow the given instructions to make a bar graph Let's GraphMake a pictograph from the given data
Line Graphs Jake takes a poll to find out how many soft drinks his classmates drink each day. The results are drawn in the table. Drag the red points until the line shows the data in the table. More Data and Graph Games More Games on Bar Graphs, Pictographs and Line Graphs


Measure LengthsMeasure the length of an object Units of Lengths feet, inches; cm, m
Estimate Lengths feet, inches; cm, m Word Problems on Lengths Use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve word problems involving lengths
Number line Represent whole numbers as lengths from 0 on a number line diagram; Add and Subtract  

Measuring Length and Weight Revision
from Grade 1
Taking Measures - Weight Which metric unit of weight is appropriate?
Taking Measures - Length Which metric unit of length is appropriate?
Taking Measures - Capacity Which metric unit of capacity is appropriate?
Units of MeasuresHelp Jack to decide which unit of measurements to use and to read mass, length and volume of objects. (Metric)
Conversion of Customary Units
Inches to Feet Convert Inches to Feet
Yards to Feet Convert Yards to Feet
Cups to Quarts Convert Cups to Quarts
More Measurement Games More games to help you learn customary and metric units



Identify & draw shapesRecognize and draw shapes having specified attributes Partition RectanglesPartition a rectangle into rows and columns
PartitionPartition circles and rectangles into two, three, or four equal shares,  

2-D shapes Songs to learn about 2D or plane shapes
Learn some common shapes, what they are called, and how they are drawn
Shapes for kids. Circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, star, trapezoid.
3D shapes Songs to learn about 3D or solid shapes
Distinguish between 2d shapes
and 3d shapes
Edges Faces & Vertices
Guess the Shape IGuess the 2-dimensional shape
Shape Store Drag the correct shapes onto the picture and then make it move.  
Guess the Shape IIGuess the 3-dimensional shape
2D and 3D Shapes GameSort the shapes into 2D (flat) and 3D (solid). Shapes included are triangle, rectangle, square, circle, pyramid, cube, cuboid, cone and cylinder. 


Symmetry Videos to learn about symmetry
Reflective Symmetry in ShapesExplore the reflective symmetry in shapes
Symmetry SortSort the shapes according to their properties of reflective symmetry

Geometry Transformations

Flip, Slide and Turn Learn Flip, Slide and Turn with songs and dance
A first grade lesson in geometry
Icy Slides, Flips and TurnsDetermine whether the transformation is a slide, flip or turn
RoboPackerFit the robots into the suitcase. You may need to slide, flip or turn the robots to fit.

Perimeter and Area

Perimeter & Area Songs and Videos
Perimeter PracticeAdam Ant helps you to find the perimeter.
Shape Excavator Calculate the perimeter and area of a rectangle.
Shape ExplorerLearn the concepts of perimeter and area
Area and Perimeter of Rectangles (Worksheets)
Area and Perimeter of Rectangles (Worksheets)
Area and Perimeter  of Rectangles (Worksheets)
More Perimeter & Area Games More games for you to learn about perimeter and area


Probability Video to explain when to use -
Certain, Likely, Unlikely, and Impossible
Probability Suitable for Grade 2. Select from Certain, Probable, Unlikely and Impossible.
Probability Bag Pulling objects from a bag. Choose from certain, Impossible, Likely, Unlikely, Equally Likely.
ProbabilityRandom ball picking machine. This game will test your probability knowledge
More Probability Games Learn more about the concepts of probability


Addition Games Addition and Subtraction Games
Even and Odd Number Games Multiplication Games
Place Value Games Rounding Games
Reading and Literacy Games  


The Domino GameMatching and Adding Numbers Place Value GameGetting the Largest Number
Number Comparisons Which is the Largest Number?  

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