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Our collection of Statistics Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some math skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the math games you are looking for.

We have statistics games for kids, collecting data, data representation, mean, median, mode and range, loan and savings, and statistics worksheets.

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Statistics Math Games

Statistics for Kids

The Jellybean TreeGraphing; Data Analysis. (for PCs, Mobiles etc) Pick the jelly beans and drop then in the bar graph or pie chart.

Collecting Data

Data Picking Collect data from a class to produce a tally chart or tally graph and frequency table

Data Representation - Charts and Graphs

Line Plots Play games on a farm to create line plots Bugs in the system To clear a room of bugs, drag the bugs to the bar graph
Bar Chart Create a bar chart showing quantities or percentages by labeling columns and clicking on values. Bar Graph The Bar Graph applets allow the user to graphically display data frequency using a bar graph. This particular applet allows the user to enter his/her own data as well as manipulate the y-axis values.
Histogram Use this tool to summarize data using a histogram graph. Histogram View histograms for built-in or user-specified data. Experiment with how the size of the class intervals influences the appearance of the histogram. Parameters: Data sets, class sizes.
Line Graphs Jake takes a poll to find out how many soft drinks his classmates drink each day. The results are drawn in the table. Drag the red points until the line shows the data in the table. Pie Chart Explore percentages and fractions using pie charts.
Circle Graph This activity allows the user to graph data on a circle graph ( pie graph). Students can use predefined data sets or enter their own data. Scatterplot Plot multiple data points in two dimensions and determine correlation.
Box Plot Use this tool to summarize data using a box plot graph. Box Plot This activity allows the user to explore maximum, minimum, median, upper quartile, lower quartile, and outliers of Box Plots. User may choose to use or not use the median for calculation of interquartile range.

Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Train Race Help Pythagoras catch his train by working out the median, range and mean. Shark Game Choose the best shark by working out the median, range, mode and mean.
Mean Runners Calculate the Mean, Median and Range Compare Mean and Median

Loan and Savings

Loan Calculator Explore how to pay off a loan, and how interest affects payment. Savings Calculator Explore how savings, with or without regular deposits, grow over time.

Statistics Worksheets

Mode Median
Mean Range
Mean, Median and Mode Mean, Median and Mode
Find the possible values for the Median Given the Mean, find the missing number(s) in a set
Word problems that involve the Mean Word problems that involve the Mean

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