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Interpret Line Graphs

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Examples, solutions, videos, and worksheets to help Grade 6 students learn how to interpret line graphs.

What is a line graph?
A line graph is used to show how a set of data changes over a period of time.
How to draw a line graph?
1. Decide on a scale and interval.
2. Graph pairs of data and draw a line to connect each point.

How to interpret line graphs?
By observing the upward or downward slant of the lines connecting the points, you can describe the trends in the data and predict future events.

How to Draw and Interpret Line Graphs?
1. Make a line graph of the data of Earth's Population. Describe the change in Earth's population from 1750 to 2000.
2. The line graph below shows the cost of tuition at a college during several years. Describe the trend. Then predict how much tuition will cost in 2020.
3. The line graph shows the growth of a plant over several weeks. Describe the trend. Then predict how tall the plant will be at 7 weeks.
4. What does the graph tell you about the popularity of skateboarding?

Estimation and Prediction using Line Graphs
Learn to estimate and predict trends using line graphs.
1. The following line graph shows the average hours of sun per day.
a) Which month had the most hours of sun a day?
b) Which two consecutive months had the same average amount of sun a day?
c) What is the average amount of sun a day in November?
d) Estimate the average amount of sun per day in June?
e) Which month had an average of 4 hours sun per day?
f) Write a sentence connecting the average hours of sun throughout the year.

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