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We have a collection of interesting and amazing animal facts. It includes images and videos. We have amazing facts about chameleons, cheetah, rattlesnakes, hyenas, owls, flamingos, geckos, horned lizards, jellyfish, meerkats, kangaroos, octopus, okapi, panda, platypuses, polar bears, zebras, albatrosses, woodpeckers and more.

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Is a chameleon’s tongue longer than its body?

Can cheetahs roar? Can cheetahs climb trees?

What animals have blue tongues?

Can fish fly?

What makes a rattlesnake’s tail rattle?

Why do hyenas laugh?

Can owls spin their heads completely around?

Do Fainting Goats exist?

Why are Flamingos pink?

How can a gecko walk upside down?

Can horned lizards spit blood out of their eyes?

Does a jellyfish have a brain?

Why do meerkats like to stand on their hind legs?

Do kangaroos hit their tails on the ground?

Is an octopus smarter than a fifth grader?

Is the okapi a horse, a zebra or neither?

Is a baby panda smaller than a rat?

Are platypuses venomous?

Is a polar bear’s fur really transparent?

Do zebras have black skin with white stripes or white skin with black stripes?

Can albatrosses sleep while flying?

What bird can fly backwards?

How do woodpeckers peck all day without getting a headache?

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