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We have popular puzzle games like Minesweeper, Sudoku, Tetris, SlitherLink, KenKen etc. We have educational puzzle games, games for kids, reading & literacy games, brain games, fun educational games and sports games.

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Our collection of Free Online Educational Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the cool and fun educational games you are looking for.


MineSweeper is a puzzle game that involves uncovering hidden mines on a grid while avoiding mines that may be present. The objective is to uncover all the safe cells without detonating any mines. (In this version, you are guaranteed to be able to solve the whole grid by deduction rather than guesswork.)

Sudoku Puzzles
Sudoku is a number-placement puzzle game. It is typically played on a 9x9 grid, divided into 3x3 subgrids or regions. The goal is to fill in the grid with digits from 1 to 9, ensuring that each row, each column, and each of the nine 3x3 subgrids contains all of the digits exactly once. The objective is to fill the grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. Sudoku can have different levels of difficulty and there are many variants with slightly different rules.

SlitherLink, also known as Fences, Loop the Loop, Dotty Dilemma, Takegaki, Ouroboros, Suriza, Rundweg and Dotty Dilemma is a logic puzzle game that involves creating a single continuous loop or path based on numerical clues in a grid. The objective is to connect the dots or create a closed loop according to specific rules. The game is usually played on a rectangular grid, and the difficulty of puzzles can vary.

KenKen is a mathematical and logical puzzle game. It is a grid-based puzzle that combines elements of Sudoku and arithmetic operations. The goal of the game is to fill a grid with digits according to specific rules.

Tetris Games
Tetris involves manipulating falling tetrominoes (geometric shapes composed of four square blocks) as they descend from the top of the playing field. The objective is to arrange the falling tetrominoes to create complete horizontal lines. When a line is completed, it disappears, and the player earns points. The game becomes more challenging as the speed of falling tetrominoes increases, requiring players to think quickly and strategically to prevent the stack from reaching the top of the playing field. If the stack reaches the top, the game ends. Tetris comes with many different themes and can also be played with multi-player mode.

More Puzzle Games

Binary (Takazu)
Takuzu, also known as Binairo or Binary Sudoku, is a logic puzzle game that involves filling a grid with black and white tiles according to certain rules. The goal is to create a grid where each row and column contains an equal number of black and white squares and no more than two consecutive identical colored tiles appear in either row or column.

Try to determine where the hidden balls are in the box, by observing the behavior of light beams fired into the box from the sides.

Bridges (Hashiwokakero)
Bridges, also known as Hashiwokakero, is a popular logic puzzle game that involves connecting islands with bridges according to certain rules. The objective is to create a network of bridges that connects all the islands while adhering to specific constraints. The game is often played on a grid, and each island has a number indicating the required number of bridges connected to it.

Blue Cube
Roll the cube around the grid, picking up the blue squares on its faces. Try to get all the blue squares on to the object at the same time, in as few moves as possible.

Dominosa is a puzzle game involving a set of dominoes. The goal is to place all the dominoes on a rectangular grid in such a way that every possible domino appears exactly once.

Fifteen is a sliding puzzle game that involves sliding the tiles around the box until they appear in numerical order from the top left, with the hole in the bottom right corner.

Galaxies (Tentai Show)
Galaxies, also known as Tentai Show, Tentaisho, Spiral Galaxies, or Sym-a-Pix, is a binary-determination logic puzzle. It’s a grid-based puzzle where the objective is to draw lines to divide the grid up into regions, forming symmetrical regions that resemble galaxies.

Haunted Mirror Maze
The goal of the game is to fill in every grid square which doesn’t contain a mirror with either a ghost, a vampire, or a zombie. The numbers round the grid edges show how many monsters must be visible along your line of sight if you look directly into the grid from that position, along a row or column. The total numbers of ghosts, vampires, and zombies are also given.

Light Up (Akari)
Light Up, also known as Akari, is a logic puzzle game that involves illuminating a grid by placing light bulbs in specific positions. The goal is to light up all the black squares in the grid without placing light bulbs in prohibited positions. The game is played on a rectangular grid.

Loners (Hitori)
Hitori, also known as “Loners,” is a logic puzzle game that originated in Japan. The goal of the game is to eliminate numbers in a grid by shading or marking them based on specific rules. The remaining unshaded cells must meet certain criteria, creating a unique solution for each puzzle.

Magnetic Field
Magnetic is a puzzle game involving dominoes that either a magnet (consisting of a + and − pole) or a neutral domino (green). The goal is to arrange the dominoes to fit the required criteria.

Color the map with four colors, so that no two regions sharing a border have the same color.

NetWalk, also known as NetWalk Game or NetWalk Puzzle, is a logic puzzle game that involves connecting a network of terminals to a server. The objective is to untangle the network by rotating tiles to create a continuous path between all the terminals and the server.

Nonogram (Patterns)
A Nonogram is a type of logic puzzle that involves filling in cells in a grid. The puzzle consists of a rectangular grid with clues provided along the edges. The clues indicate the number and sequence of filled cells in each row and column, helping the solver deduce which cells to fill and which to leave blank.

Pearls (Masyu)
Pearls, also known as Masyu, is a logic puzzle game that involves creating a loop by connecting circles (pearls) on a grid. The objective is to draw a continuous loop that passes through each circle while adhering to specific rules.

Range (Kurodoko)
Range or Kurodoko, also known as “Where are the black cells?”, is a gripping logic puzzle that appeals to both beginners and seasoned solvers. Your task is to strategically color cells in a grid based on provided clues, offering an engaging and intellectually satisfying experience.

Rectangles (Shikaku)
Shikaku is a logic puzzle game that goes by various names, including Rectangles, Divide by Box, and Square-it. The objective of the game is to partition a grid into rectangles, each containing exactly one number. The number represents the area of the rectangle, and the goal is to create non-overlapping rectangles that cover the entire grid.

A secret code is set from the parameters you chose. (For a harder game, try more digits and/or a different range of digits; the ‘1-4’ option may be harder than you think!). Try to break this secret code in as few guesses as possible.

Signpost is a type of logic puzzle game that involves creating a continuous path through a grid of cells, following a set of rules provided by numbers and arrows. The goal is to connect all the squares together into a sequence, so that every square’s arrow points towards the square that follows it.

Skyscrapers is a logic puzzle game that involves placing buildings of different heights in a grid. The objective is to fill in the grid with buildings so that every possible height appears exactly once in each row and column (like in Sudoku), creating a cityscape where the number of visible skyscrapers from a given direction matches the clue provided.

Slant (Gokigen Naname)
Gokigen Naname, also known as Slant or Diagonal, is a logic puzzle game that involves filling in a grid with diagonal lines based on given clues. The goal is to create a grid where each cell contains part of a diagonal line, and the pattern of diagonal lines follows certain rules provided by numbers around the grid.

Tents is a logic puzzle game that involves placing tents in a grid of trees, following specific rules. The objective is to determine the correct placement of tents around the trees while adhering to certain conditions. The game is also known by other names such as “Campsite,” “Tents and Trees,” or “Number Tents.”

Train Tracks
Train Tracks, also known as Railroad Shunting or Tracks, is a type of logic puzzle game that involves creating a continuous track for a set of trains to travel along. The goal is to connect the train stations with tracks in a way that satisfies certain rules and ensures that the trains can reach their destinations without colliding.

Unequal (Futoshiki)
Futoshiki is a Japanese logic puzzle game. The name “Futoshiki” translates to “inequality” in Japanese. Each row and column must contain unique numbers, and no number can be repeated within the same row or column (like in Sudoku). Inequality signs (< and >) are placed between certain adjacent cells, indicating the relative size of the numbers in those cells.

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