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Volume of Prisms – Applications

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Examples, solutions, videos, worksheets, stories and songs to help Grade 8 students learn how to apply volume of prisms and cylinders to real life problems and how to calculate the volume of composite figures.

Volume of Prisms - Applications
Apply volume of prisms to real life problems - rectangular prism
A shipping company fills cases with boxes that are cubes. They pack 20 boxes of goods in a case. What are the possible dimensions for the case?
Volume of Cylinders and Prisms - Applications
Apply volume of cylinders and prisms to real life problems
1) A cylindrical can is packed in a box as shown below. What is the volume of empty space between the can and the box?
2) Emma has two-prism shaped containers. One has a volume of 9 1/3 cubic feet, and the other has a volume of 4/3 cubic feet. How many smaller prisms would it take to fill the larger prism? Volume of Swimming Pool
Finding the volume in cubic feet and capacity in gallons of a swimming pool made up of a rectangular and trapezoidal prism.

Volume of Composite Figures (Rectangular and Triangular Prisms)
Learn to calculate the volume of composite figures.
The walls of a garage are 8 ft. high and the peak of the gable roof is 12 feet high. The floor of the garage is 30 ft long and 20 ft wide. Sketch the base. Then find the volume of the garage. Volume of Composite Figures (Prisms)
Learn to compute the volume of composite figures

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