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Math resources and worksheets to help your child or student learn the numbers from 1 to 100, skip counting, comparing, addition, subtraction, telling time, money, measurement, pattern, shapes, and colors.

Literacy resources to help your child or student learn phonics, short and long vowels, rhyming words, reading and sight words.

There are lots of songs, stories and games to make learning fun and effective.

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tenNumbers and Counting up to 10



twentyNumbers and Counting up to 20



hundred Numbers and Counting beyond 20



Counting Dots (Up to 100) Counting using Tally Marks


skip counting Skip Counting



bigsmall Comparing


The Sorting Game Sort Things into Groups The Pattern Game Setting Up Patterns


Kindergarten Addition

Kindegarten Addition & Subtraction Learn the Meaning of Addition and Subtraction Decompose Numbers & How to make 10 Decompose numbers less than and equal to 10
Add and Subtract within 5 Place Value (10 - 19)Decompose Numbers from 10 to 19)

Addition 1 Songs to teach adding to 1, 2, 3,
4, 5 and 6
Addition 2 Adding to 1
Adding is putting together
Addition 3 It all adds up, The addition game
Adding chairs
Outrageous makeover home addition
Addition 4  Addition expedition
Number line addition
Addition Rock


Addition Games
Bee Smart Math Addition (Spider Attack)Fun interactive math game. Help kids to learn and practice solving Math Addition question. Fly the bee to the flower with the correct answer for each question. Control the bee with the keyboard's up, down, left, and right keys. Avoid being caught by the spider. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. Repair the Pipes Repair the pipes by adding numbers. Select the pairs of numbers that will get the given sum.

Balancing Act Balancing Act tests your ability to add quickly. The object of the game is to make the two sides of the scale balance. Click on a weight, and it will hop to the other side. The problems begin with three weights (easy) and get to six weights (hard). Math Lines Games Play math lines game and shoot numbered balls to the advancing ball line to make the number 10. Stars and coins may appear so try to shoot them.


subtraction Kindergarten Subtraction

Subtraction 1 What is Subtraction?
Elmo had four ducks
Subtracting cookies
Subtracting dots
Subtraction 2 Bowling Subtraction
Rabbit Subtraction
Classroom Subtracting
Five bears in the bed
Subtraction 3 Amazing Mumford?s Pineapple Subtraction Act
Kermit talks about subtraction
Oscar's subtraction show
Peacock subtraction
Subtraction 4 Number line subtraction
Addition & subtraction with apples


Subtracting Two Numbers (Minuend up to 10) Subtracting Two Numbers (Minuend up to 18)

Subtraction Games

The Little Animals Activity Center (Suitable for 4 to 8 year olds) Solve the subtraction problems to collect more ladybirds. Target Take Away Remove a smaller number from a larger and find how many are left by counting back from the larger. Recognize subtraction as 'taking away'.
More Subtraction Games  

time Time

Telling Time 1 Hours in the day
Time to the hour
Analog and Digital Clock
Honk aorund the clock
Hip Hop around the clock
Tick Tock Match my Clock
Telling Time 2 Analog and Digital Clock
AM and PM
Time for Friends
Flower time
Telling time

Time Games

Willy the WatchDog Help Willy the WatchDog tell time. (Change from digital to analog) Hickory Dickory Clock Feed the mouse by reading the analogue clocks. If you get it wrong the cat will be after you! (including half past, quarter to and quarter past.)
More Time Games  

money Money

Songs and Stories to help teach coin-counting Coin counting lesson How many pennies equal a dime? Quarters - Coin counting song The value of a dollar song Learning about coins and their values - pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters The Coin Song ? Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter 
Money Song - Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Dollar 
The Coin Song ? Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Dollar 
Money Song - Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter
Money Games  

measurement Measurement


Measurement Games
Curious George How Tall?
Dinosaur Train How big are you?
Which Holds Most? Choose the container with the most water.
Mucky Monsters Find the hand that has more or less bugs

symmetry Patterns & Shapes


Learn to recognize Patterns Cowboy Patterns, Guess whats next?, The detective finds a pattern, Horseshoe and boot pattern. Shapes 1 Learn about square, triangle, circle, oval, rectangle and diamond, corners and sides
Shapes 2Sort the shapes, symmetry, colors and shapes 2D and 3D Shapes Compare 2D and 3D shapes
Describe Shapes Describe shapes in terms of sides & corners Compose ShapesCompose simple shapes to form larger shapes

Shape Games
Color, Shape and SizeSort the blocks according to color, shape or size. Flo and Zo Sort it Out Sort all kinds of objects by their color, shape, pattern, use and more.
More Shape Games  


colors Colors

Color Flash Cards Flash cards to help the children learn and recognize colors

Color Games
Colors and Reading Games for Beginners The purpose of this game is to help your beginner reader to recognize and spell the basic color words. It is geared for children ages five to six years old. Color Learning GamesLearn colors and shapes
What Color is it?Help Freda the Frog find the correct color. More Color Games


phonicsLearning Phonics

Review the Alphabet from Pre-K

Letters or Alphabet Sounds Letter Sounds from A to Z
Vowel Sounds Short and Long Vowels
Learning to ReadThat's what reading is all about
Getting ready to read
Learn to Read Songs A, E, O, H Songs
Kindergarten Phonics 1 The UN Song
The Big Pig Song
Learn to read new sounds
Kindergarten Phonics 2 Peg-Leg Meg
Colors Song
Rhyming Words 1 Words that rhyme with
ball, cat, an and ill
Rhyming Words 2 Word families - en, et and op
Rhyming Words 3 Word families - ig, run and bus
Rhyming Words 4 Rhyming in class
Rhyming song
Ernie's rhyming game
Sight Words Kindergarten sight words
First 24 high frequency words
Kindergarten fruit sight words

abc Reading and Literacy Games

ABC GamesLearning the Alphabets, Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, Alphabetical Order for Letters, Alphabetical Order for Words Reading GamesSounds or Phonemes, Beginning Sounds, Ending Sounds, Vowels, Short Vowels, Long Vowels, CVC Words, R-controlled Words, Vowel Digraphs, Vowel Dipthongs, Schwa Sound, Consonant Blends, Consonant Digraphs, Making Sentences, Starfall Reading Games
Rhyming GamesRhyming Skills, Rhyming Words Spelling GamesSpelling Skills, Adventure Spelling Games

rabbits Learning about Animals

Animal Flash Cards 1 Animals a to Z Animal Flash Cards 2 Desert Animals, Animal babies
Animal Games Match Animal Pictures, Learn Animal Facts  


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