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R Controlled Vowels

Videos and songs to help First Grade kids learn about R-controlled vowels. When the letter r follows a vowel (a,e,i,o,u), the vowel is usually forced to change its sound. That’s why it is sometimes called the Bossy R.

Look Out for Bossy R Fun
Phonics Song for Kids
This bossy r song show vowels that have an r after them change their sound. The r bosses them around and they become r controlled vowels.
Workout with Bossy R
Controlling R / Controlled R
If the word has a bossy r, exercise, if the word doesn't have bossy r, freeze. Controlling r Song
R Controlled Vowels - AR and OR
Our pirate friends have a blast singing about AR and OR. "Bossy R" Song to learn the sounds of vowels with R
When he's with E or I or U they must say "er."
(If you know what I mean)
And when they bow to him they say
"Your Highness, Sir".
The A must always say the kingly name of "R."
(To please the king)
Whenever they are riding in the royal car.
The O must open up its mouth and sing out "OR."
(The tones he'll sing)
And if the king is please he'll have to sing some more.

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