Free Online Color Games

Our compilation of Free Online Color Games available on the Internet. Play color games that teach, build or strengthen your skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the games you are looking for.

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Click and Color Games

Color the Picture – Tom and Jerry

Color the Picture – Bunny

Color the Picture – Sunny Day

Fruit Coloring Mania

Santa Claus - Coloring Game

Christmas Coloring Game

Crazy Vegetables

Be My Valentine

Princess' Dream

Learning Colors

Colors and Reading Games for Beginners
The purpose of this game is to help your beginner reader to recognize and spell the basic color words. It is geared for children ages five to six years old.

Color Learning Game
Learn colors and shapes

What Color is it?
Help Freda the Frog find the correct color.

Color Game
Sort the objects into the different colored boxes.

SnapDragon Color Game
Learn colors and numbers

Match Colors
Match colors to words: White, Black, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.

Mixing Colors

Color Factory
Follow the color recipes to make new colors and paint the pictures

Fun color games
This is a collection of 9 interactive color games or exercises. These exercises aim at providing some fun while at the same time helping you to learn how to classify colors.

Color by Numbers

Color this flower by numbers
Boowa will count with you. As long as you get the right color with the right number!

Count Us In Games
Move the crayon with word numbers to the correct number.

Color by Numbers with Printouts
Simple color by number printouts or solve simple addition problems and then color.

Color Puzzles

Color Ball Game
Your aim is to catch balls that are the same color as yours. Be prepared for a color change every couple of seconds.

Color Fill
Fill up 80% of the stage with colors

Rings of Color
Just click to rotate the 4 rings clockwise until they match the right colors in the center. The first few levels are pretty easy then it gradually gets more challenging.

Color Reactor
Color Mixing at its best; try to clear all of the colored balls from the playing area before you run out of attempts. With a little planning you can take the high score in this game. Game features FireBalls, Mixing Options and C-Bombs.

Color Infection
Infect all yellow balls and turn them brown by colliding them with brown balls. Be careful not to infect the green balls.

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