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Free Online Rhyming Games and Worksheets

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Rhyming Games

In The Nick Of Rhyme It's Super rhyme time with Grover. Jumping Rhymes Abby and Zoe teach Rosita to jump and rhyme!
Make Time To Rhyme Rhyme with Elmo & Hoots! Shanna's Show Rhyme Time Game Help Shanna find the things that rhyme.
Freeze Dance Rhyming Choose the rhyming words The Little Animals Rhyming Game Find the rhyming word - three levels of difficulty.
Rhymes Help Digby Mole find the word that rhymes. Rhyme Rodeo The mayor is holding a contest to find out who is best rhymer in town. Is it you?
Reggie Loves to Rhyme Start your rhyming adventure with Reggie. Rhyming Rockets Stop the rockets that rhyme with your target word.
River Rhyming Help Max cross the river by choosing the correct rhuming word. Rhyming Games Find and match rhyming words.

Words that Rhyme

Help the bees bring the words that rhyme back to their nest. Watch the flower grow.

Words that rhyme with bug. Words that rhyme with dash.
Words that rhyme with dot Words that rhyme with lip
Words that rhyme with top  
Belinda loves collecting words that rhyme. Find the words in the fruit and bring them to her house.
- Words that rhyme with cat - Words that rhyme with Dad
- Words that rhyme with gap - Words that rhyme with jam
- Words that rhyme with man
Ryan the rhino can't sleep. He's trying to think of words that rhyme! Find them in the stars.

- Words that rhyme with bell - Words that rhyme with hill
- Words that rhyme with pet - Words that rhyme with ten
- Words that rhyme with tin

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