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Rhyming Games Online

Wonder Red’s Rhyme Racer
Roller Skate and rhyme with Wonder Red.

Rhyme Time
Travel around the world with Grover.

Alphabats - Rhyming Words
Click on the bats’ bellies to hear the words, then match the words with rhyming sounds. Match 6 words correctly, then help the bats collect fireflies!

Partners in Rhyme
Click the pairs of rhyming words.

Rhyme Round-up
Match the rhyming words by choosing the correct horse.

Rhyming Words
Distinguish rhyming words.

Rhyming Games
Find and match rhyming words.

Words that rhyme with bug.
The bees are hiding words that rhyme with bug, click on them to find the word and then if the word rhymes with bug take them back to their nest.

Words that rhyme with cat.
The apples on her tree are special rhyming apples and are hiding words that rhyme with ‘cat’. Find the apples that rhyme with ‘cat’ and bring them to Belinda’s house so she can have a lovely meal of apples.

Words that rhyme with hill
In this reading game, find the words that rhyme with ‘hill’ and add them to Ryan’s word box.

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