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Rhyming Words

Videos and songs to help First Grade kids learn how to recognize and produce rhyming words.

I Love to Rhyme - English Song for Kids
The song will give the first two words that rhyme and then you are asked to generate the third rhyming word on your own.
Rocco the Rhyming Rhino - Rhyming Song for Kids
Rocco gives 2 rhyming words in the beginning of this song.
Then, Rocco will give the first rhyming word and you fill in the other rhyming word.
See how many words you can think of that can rhyme with Rocco's word. The Rhyming Words Game - Rhyming Song for Kids
The song gives you two words that rhyme and you have to determine which of the next words it gives you rhyme with the first two. If the word doesn't rhyme sit down, if the word rhymes stand up. Rhyming Words
Recognize and produce rhyming words. Rhyme Time
What words do you know that rhyme?

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