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Subtracting Objects Worksheets

Understanding subtraction.

Kindergarten worksheets to help students understand the meaning of subtraction. Solve simple subtraction questions by crossing out objects. Write number sentences to represent the subtraction problems.

Lesson Objective:

  • Learn how to subtract by crossing out.
  • Write number sentences for the given problems.

Step-by-step explanations and solutions for the following worksheet can be found here.

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Subtract Objects worksheet for kindergarten

More Subtracting Objects Worksheets

The monkey ate 4 bananas. Cross out 4 bananas. Write how many bananas are left.
Cross out 1 and write how many.
Draw a line from the picture to the number line that it matches.
Cross out the bears to match the number sentences.
Tyler bought a cone with 4 scoops. He ate 1 scoop. Cross out 1 scoop. How many scoops were left? There were 5 apples. Bill ate 1. Cross out the apple he ate. How many apples are left? Fill in the boxes.

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Addition up to 5
Subtraction within 5
Addition & Subtraction within 5

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