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Printable “More or Less” Worksheets for Kindergarten:
One More Than
One Less Than
More, Less or Same
More or Less

More, Less or Same Worksheets

Teaching the concepts of “more,” “less,” and “same” to kindergarten students involves introducing basic comparative terms related to quantity.

  1. Start with a small set of objects (for example, counting bears) and demonstrate “more” by adding more bears, “less” by taking away some bears, and “same” by keeping the number unchanged.
  2. Introduce comparative language:
    “More” means having a larger quantity.
    “Less” means having a smaller quantity.
    “Same” means having an equal quantity.
  3. Provide objects for sorting and ask students to sort them into groups with more, less, or the same quantity.

Kindergarten worksheets to help students practice comparing number of objects: more, less or same.

Lesson Objective:

  • Compare to find if there is enough (or the same).
  • Compare using more than, fewer than and the same as.
  • Identify and create a set that has the same number of objects.

Step-by-step explanations and solutions for the following worksheet can be found here.

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More, Less or Same worksheet for kindergarten

More, Less or Same Worksheets

Draw lines from one set of objects to another set to see if there are enough.
Draw another object so that there are the same number.
Count the objects. Circle the set that has fewer. Draw more ladybugs so there is the same number of ladybugs as leaves.
Circle the set that has more.
Count the objects in the box. Then, draw the same number of circles in the empty box.

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