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Our compilation of Free Online Word Games available on the Internet. Play word games that teach, build or strengthen your word skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the games you are looking for.

Spelling Games and Worksheets

Spelling Spree
Click on the correct spelling of the word and using the slingshot to make the piñata burst open. There are two different levels of play. “Easy” is appropriate for lower elementary grades and “Hard” is appropriate for upper grade levels.

Spelling Practice
Race one another by correctly spelling the given computer-voiced words. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins.

Submarine Spelling Practice
Choose one of the following word lists: Pre-primer, Primer, First, Second, or Third. Correctly spell all of the words that you hear, and have fun exploring the ocean depths.

Look, Cover, Write, Check
Choose the level and a set of words.

Spell the Fruit
Spell the name of the fruit by clicking on the letters.

Spell the Vegetable
Spell the name of the vegetable by clicking on the letters.

Spell the Sight Words
Look at the clue and select the given letters to spell the word.

Make as many words as you can from a given set of letters. The game has two difficulty levels- easy and hard. In the first level, you will learn how to make 3 letter words. In the second level, you will practice making 4 to 7 letter words.

Create the Words
Reorder the letters to form the word for the picture.

Spooky Spellings
Click and drag the letters to form the words. (UK spelling)

Forest Phonics
A spelling game where you can select the phonemes you want to focus on. (UK spelling)

Wordsearch Spelling
Choose a spelling pattern and make a wordsearch for it. A wordsearch that is focussed on common spelling patterns that you choose.

Fish ‘Em Up!
Are you ready to fishing for words? Use fishing rods to catch the correct words in the water. Do you need to double the consonant or change the Y? You’ll find out if you Fish ‘Em Up.

Spelling Training
Type your words here or pick one of the predefined lists, then choose an activity: Spelling test, practice, or one of the games.

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