Sorting Games and Worksheets

Our collection of Sorting Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the games you are looking for.

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We have sorting games for objects and sorting games for shapes. These games are suitable for pre-school and kindergarten.

Sorting Games for Kids

Sorting Objects

Symmetrical Sorting Sort pictures, shapes and letters into symmetrical and non-symmetrical sets
Fuzz Bugs Counting, sorting and comparing
Sorting Box Sort the rocks into the right boxes according to their colour.
Sorting 3D Shapes on a Venn Diagram An activity where you use a Venn diagram to sort a variety of 3D shapes according to their properties, including: whether they are pyramids or prisms, the number of faces, edges and vertices and whether they have a curved surface.
What is a Vertebrate? Sort the animals into vertebrate and invertebrate.
Coin Game Sorting, Ordering and Counting money: British, Australian, American and Euro currencies.
What is a Vertebrate? Sort the animals into vertebrate and invertebrate.
2D Shapes Sorting Using Carroll Diagrams Sort 2D shapes on Carroll diagrams. There are four levels of difficulty and sorting is by two variable criteria.

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