The Hard TH Sound

These lessons feature videos and songs to help First Grade kids learn how to pronounce consonant digraph TH (hard).
Learn words that begin or end with TH (hard).

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Soft TH
Phonic Sounds

The digraph TH has two sounds: Soft (voiceless) TH and Hard (Voiced) TH.

The following diagram shows some examples of words with hard Th and words with soft Th. Scroll down the page for more examples and songs to help you learn how to pronounce words that uses the Th digraph.

Hard TH

Learn about the digraph “th” (hard)
A digraph is when two letter sounds or phonemes combine to make one sound or phoneme.

When the t sound combines with the h sound they create the unique sound of th. Learn about the digraph th as you listen to the th sound in words that begin and end with the th digraph.

Difference between the soft TH sound and the hard TH sound.
Soft TH (voiceless): Place tongue between upper and lower teeth. Blow air through teeth.

Hard TH (voiced): Place tongue behind upper teeth. Blow air and let tongue vibrates. Feel the buzz.

Phonics - Digraph TH
The TH sound can be voiced in 2 different ways.

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