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Printable “Shapes” Worksheets for Kindergarten:
Recognizing 2D Shapes
Recognizing 3D Shapes
Drawing 2D Shapes

Shapes Worksheets

Recognizing basic shapes.
Kindergarten worksheets to help students practice recognizing the basic shapes: triangles, rectangles, circles, and hexagons.

Draw a line from the shape to its matching object.
Color the required shapes.

How can you tell about each shape without using the shape’s name?

Step-by-step explanations and solutions for the following worksheet can be found here.

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Shapes worksheet for kindergarten

More Shapes Worksheets

Find the triangles and color them blue. Put an X on shapes that are not triangles.
Color the triangles red and all others blue.
Find the rectangles and color them red. Put an X on shapes that are not rectangles.
Find the circles and color them green. Find the hexagon and color them yellow. Put an X on shapes that are not hexagons or circles.

Recognizing Triangles Worksheet #1
Recognizing Triangles Worksheet #2
Recognizing Rectangles Worksheet
Rectangles & Triangles Worksheet
Circles & Hexagons Worksheet
Triangles, Rectangles, Circles & Hexagons Worksheet

Recognizing 3D Shapes

Compare Lengths
Compare Weights

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