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Printable “More or Less” Worksheets for Kindergarten:
One More Than
One Less Than
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More or Less

One Less Than Worksheets

Introducing the concept of “1 less than a given number” to kindergarten students involves helping them understand the idea of counting one fewer item. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Ask students to count “1 less” than the given number. For 5, they would count: “5, 4.”
  2. Engage in interactive activities where students physically remove one item from a set. For example, if there are five blocks, take one away to make it four.
  3. Repeat the concept with different numbers, reinforcing the idea that “1 less” means subtracting one from the current quantity.
  4. Use simple language such as “One less means taking away one,” or “What comes before 5? It’s 1 less than 5.”
  5. Repeat the phrase “1 less” and encourage students to use it in sentences. For instance, “I have 5, and if I take away 1, I have 4.”

Understanding the concept of “1 less than” lays the foundation for subtraction and helps students develop a sense of number progression in the reverse direction.

Count the number of objects, then cross out one object and give the new count. Learn one less than a given number by counting down. Count down from 10 to 1 and state 1 less than a given number. Fill in the missing numbers.

Count the balloons and basketballs. Cross out one and count the balloons and basketballs now. Write how many.

What happens when you cross out 1 object from a group of objects?

Step-by-step explanations and solutions for the following worksheet can be found here.

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One Less Than worksheet for kindergarten

More One Less Than Worksheets

Count and write the number. Color only the group that is one less.
Draw a group of objects that is one less.
Count the objects. Write the number in the first box. Cross out the shaded object. Count the objects that are left. Write the number in the second box.

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