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Multiplication Games and Worksheets

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Our directory of Free Online Multiplication Games and other Math Games - games that teach, build or strengthen your multiplication math skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the math games you are looking for. Play these games to improve your multiplication skills. We have added some free HTMLl5 games that can be played on PCs, Tablets, iPads and Mobiles.

Multiplication Games (For PCs, Mobiles etc.)

Math Lines Multiplication Choose a target product to practice. Combine factors as quickly as possible to clear the board and begin a new level. Group orbs with the same number together. They can form factor pairs with a single speeding orb. Zogs and Monsters - Multiplication Solve a multiplication problem shown at the bottom right side of the game. Tap once to move the zog to the correct answer. Tap twice to grab the answer. Problems are presented three at a time until the grid is cleared. Watch out for monsters!
Puzzle Pics - Multiplication Find the missing product. Place the puzzle piece on the correct answer. Watch as the mystery picture appears. Math Monster - Multiplication Choose multiplication facts to practice. Can you make all 12 monster friends appear? Be careful! Wrong answers will make your monsters disappear.
Quick Calculate How are your mental math skills? Do you know the order of operations? Solve the given problem and enter your answer. The clock is ticking. Multiplication Challenge Choose your state and county and solve the multiplication problems.
X Times Tables Play the Multiplication Game. Make you own Times Table. Track your own performance.

Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Games (For PCs, Mobiles etc.)

Defeat the Math Monster Select Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide. If you get all 15 answers correct, you will destroy the math monster and collect the ancient Mayan treasure. As you get closer, the monster becomes more and more angry and changes color. Be careful though, if you miss three or more, you become lunch for the math monster! Ultimate Speed Math Choose Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide and the numbers to be used. See how many questions you can answer in the given time.
War Pretzels Use your math power to win the pretzel arm wrestling tournament. World Cup Math Choose Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide and your team. Select the correct answer and score a goal.
The Golden Path Choose Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide. Click on the lily pad with the largest value. Becoming Lord Voldemath Choose Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide and solve the math problems to become the master.
Sagemath Use your math skills to decide whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide.

Bee Smart Math Timetable
Fun interactive math game. Helps kids to learn or practice solving multiplication question by helping the busy bees to collect 10 buckets of pollen in 2 minutes.

Multiplication Facts
Make sense of the flashing signs. Roll over each sign and click the number that shows the correct multiplication fact.

Batter's Up Baseball (Multiplication Edition)
Batter's Up Baseball is a math game that is played like real Baseball. When the math game starts you will see the visitors score on the screen. Your goal is to beat the visitors score and win the baseball game.

Multiplication Station
Click on the squares to multiply the numbers so that they equal the value under the word “number” This will help you improve your multiply times table, try to get them all before the time expires.

Farm Stand Math
Come on over to the farm stand to practice your multiplication and addition. Multiply the amount of apples or eggs by their price then add the, together for your total

Pizza Pizzazz
Do your multiplications to feed the mice at the busy pizzaria.

Beach Rush
Multiply the numbers given to you in a beach setting. After you get the correct answers, play a surprise game on the beach. Kill the crabs and avoid the birds.

Peabody the Penguin
Help peabody collect fish while avoiding the lions in this side scroller game. Multiply the numbers correctly to go into the side scroller game mode.

Ping Pong the Panda
No one gets between ping pong and his bamboo. Help the panda collect more bamboos by multiplying correctly. Also enjoy the smooth side scroller platform game.

Improve your multiplication skills.

Pirates II
Welcome to the Pirate practice multiplication game. Choose the multiplication fact (1 to 12) you want to practice.  Help your pirate navigate the harbor and raise the ship flag.

Pumpkin Multiples
The Mayor of Pumpkinville is dropping numbered pumpkin into the punpkin patch. You must collect only the pumpkins that are multiples of the target number. The object is to catch as many pumpkin multiples as possible while avoiding those that are not multiples.

Camel Times Table
Help Molly load her camel with the right amount of fruit for her trip. Count by twos and tens. Relates addition to multiplication. Three levels of difficulty: Medium, Hard, Very Hard

Mad 4 Math
A set of games to help you practice 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 times tables. There's a jigsaw puzzle for the 3 times table, pop the bubbles for 4 times table, whack a mouse for 5 times table, skateboarding for 6 times table, catch the roof tiles for 7 times table and climb the tree for the 8 times table.

Cloud Click Game
Click on a cloud to choose the times table you want to practice or choose mixed.

Tables shooter
Do your multiplication and shoot the Spitfire. (x2 to x9)

Cone Crazy
Make ice-cream cones for your customers by doing your multiplication. (easy, medium, hard)

Baseball Multiplication
Play baseball to improve your multiplication skills.

Fly a spaceship through the solar system and learn your multiplication.

Timez Attack
A multiplication game with cool graphics but needs to be downloaded. Free version and premium version.

Amoeba Multiplication
Play the amoeba game to practice multiplication by splitting.

Shoot the Martians
Shoot the Martians and learn to multiply by tens, hundreds, thousands etc.

Powerama 6M
Practice multiplying by 0.1, 0.01, and 0.001.

Multiplication Scramble
Place the digits in the right places in the multiplication problem in order to create a correct solution!

Multiples Frenzy
Shoot down the multiples of your selected number as it appears on the screen

Multiple Wipeout
Pop the balloons which are a multiple of your selected number by clicking/pressing on them. Popping a balloon which is not a multiple will incur a time penalty.

Multi Multiples
Click on all the multiples of a given number

Multiplication Word Problem Games

Grand Slam Math
Single and multi-step word problems that uses addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Word Problems with Katie
Single and multi-step word problems that uses addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Math Hoops
Word Problem Practice. All word problems use whole numbers and the problems range from single step addition to multi-step equations. Answer 5 questions correctly and you get a chance to play some basketball.

Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication Table for 2 Multiplication Table for 3
Multiplication Table for 4 Multiplication Table for 5
Multiplication Table for 6 Multiplication Table for 7
Multiplication Table for 8 Multiplication Table for 9
Multiplication Table for 10  

Multiplication Facts for 2 Multiplication Facts for 3
Multiplication Facts for 4 Multiplication Facts for 5
Multiplication Facts for 6 Multiplication Facts for 7
Multiplication Facts for 8 Multiplication Facts for 9
Multiplication Facts for 10 Mixed Multiplication Facts (1 to 5)
Mixed Multiplication Facts (1 to 10)
2 digits × 1 digit 3 digits × 1 digit
4 digits × 1 digit 2 digits × 2 digits
3 digits × 2 digits 4 digits × 2 digits
3 digits × 3 digits 5 digits × 2 digits
Specify your own conditions for multiplication worksheets

Other Arithmetic Games

Da Numba
Welcome to the world of Da’ Numba where a quick eye and a sharp mind will get you very far! Just add, subtract and react to the falling tiles. The game gets more challenging when some of the blocks have negative numbers on them.The game starts slow then gets faster as you move through the levels.

Beat the clock and advance to the next level. Discover the secrets of Arithmetiles. Create as many Arithmetile combinations as possible before time runs out. You must add, subtract, multiply or divide to get the given number before time runs out. Beat the clock and advance to an entirely different puzzle. Power Players can choose between Timed and Untimed games and play over 100 puzzle levels.

Bee Smart Math Addition (Spider Attack)
Fun interactive math game. Help kids to learn and practice solving Math Addition question. Fly the bee to the flower with the correct answer for each question. Control the bee with the keyboard's up, down, left, and right keys. Avoid being caught by the spider. Each correct answer is worth 10 points.

Repair the Pipes
Repair the pipes by adding numbers. Select the pairs of numbers that will get the given sum.

Balancing Act
Balancing Act tests your ability to add quickly. The object of the game is to make the two sides of the scale balance. Click on a weight, and it will hop to the other side. The problems begin with three weights (easy) and get to six weights (hard).

Bee Smart Math Timetable
Fun interactive math game. Helps kids to learn or practice solving multiplication question by helping the busy bees to collect 10 buckets of pollen in 2 minutes.

Jive tests your ability to quickly arrange numbers into an equation. The object is to create an equation from 5 numbers, using only addition, multiplication, and parentheses.

Brain Tuner
Tune your brain in less than a minute a day! Increase your skills in Addition, Subtraction Multiplication & Division.

The Number Cruncher Game
Calculate results to train your math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Extreme Math Game
Solve the math problems as fast as you can to play the extreme math game. Answer correctly to perform cool tricks.

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