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Our directory of Free Online Multiplication Games and other Math Games - games that teach, build or strengthen your multiplication math skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the multiplication games you are looking for. Play these games to improve your multiplication skills. We have added more free multiplication games that can be played on PCs, Tablets, iPads and Mobiles.

The categories are: Multiplication Games for Kids, Multiplication Facts or Times Tables, Multi-digit Multiplication Games, Fun Multiplication Games, Multiplication Word Problems, Multiplication Worksheets.

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Multiplication Games

Free Multiplication Games
Multiplication Games for Kids Multiplication Fact Games Multi-Digit Multiplication Games
Fun Multiplication Games Multiplication Word Problem Games Multiplication Worksheets

Introduction to Multiplication Games for Kids

Find Equal Groups and Size of Group The brave prince is on a mission to win his castle back. Help the prince by unlocking the secrets of the mysterious map. You will need to find equal groups and the size of groups. Identify the Multiplication ExpressionApply the concepts of equal groups to identify the correct multiplication expression.
Repeated Addition with Equal GroupsCreate repeated addition sentences using equal groups as an introduction to multiplication. Repeated Addition Match Match the repeated addition to the correct multiplication expression.

Multiplication Fact & Times Table Games

PiratesWelcome to the Pirate practice multiplication game. Choose the multiplication fact (1 to 12) you want to practice.  Help your pirate navigate the harbor and raise the ship flag. Eggs to orderSome of the eggs are multiples of the chosen facts, some are multiplication statements. Order the eggs from smallest to largest.
Around the World - Online Multiplication GameGo "Around the World" to defeat students from different countries in a game of multiplication flash cards. You win if you can defeat all 20 students. Multi Multiples Click on all the multiples of a given number.
Times Tables ShootingChoose the numbers you want to practice and start shooting. Times Tables RallyChoose the numbers you want to practice and start racing.
Fun Multiplication GamesNeed to practice multiplication facts? You can practice multiplication fluency by playing any of 15 embedded game. Happy BurgerGet your multiplication facts and burgers correct and the customers will be happy.

Multi-Digit Multiplication Games

Multiply Using Area ModelsMultiply 2-digit by 1-digit. Multiply 2-Digit Numbers Using Area ModelMultiply 2-digit by 2-digit.
Multiplying by Ones and TensMultiply 3-digit by 1-digit. Complete the MultiplicationMultiply 3-digit by 2-digit.
Estimate Products of Two 2-digit NumbersMultiply 2-digit by 2-digit. Estimate Products of 2-digit and 3-digitEstimate the products of two-digit numbers multiplied by three-digit numbers.
Multiply Tens, Hundreds and ThousandsMultiplying numbers by tens using the place value understanding. Multiply using a Related FactMultiply multiples of 10 using related facts.
Powerama 6MPractice multiplying by powers of 10. Color-Grid GameMulti-digit Multiplication Practice.
MultiplicationImprove your multiplication skills. Multiplication ScramblePlace the digits in the right places in the multiplication problem in order to create a correct solution!

Fun Multiplication Games

Math Lines Multiplication Choose a target product to practice. Combine factors as quickly as possible to clear the board and begin a new level. Group orbs with the same number together. They can form factor pairs with a single speeding orb. Zogs and Monsters - Multiplication Solve a multiplication problem shown at the bottom right side of the game. Tap once to move the zog to the correct answer. Tap twice to grab the answer. Problems are presented three at a time until the grid is cleared. Watch out for monsters!
Puzzle Pics - Multiplication Find the missing product. Place the puzzle piece on the correct answer. Watch as the mystery picture appears. Grand Prix Start your engine and put your brain into high gear
Quick Calculate How are your mental math skills? Do you know the order of operations? Solve the given problem and enter your answer. The clock is ticking. Multiplication Challenge Choose your state and county and solve the multiplication problems.
Penguin Jump Multiplication Don't let your penguin pal take a dive. Quick! Swimming Otters Missing a Factor? You "Otter" use multiplication to find it.
Multiplication Station Select two numbers to match each question.

Multiplication Word Problem Games

Estimating ProductsEstimate the answers to multi-digit multiplication problems. Thinking Blocks Multiplication. Word problems are easy to solve when you build a model first.
Word Problems Games Solve word problems related to multiplication Multiplicative ComparisonSolve word problems related to multiplicative comparison.
Math Pirate Game Solve the multiplication word problems (Grade 3). Multiplication Word Problem Match the problem to the answer. (Grade 4)
Word Problem Multiplication Quiz Show Answer to win. (Grade 4) Multiplication Word Problem Game Show2-digit by 2-digit (Grade 4 to Grade 6)

Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication Table for 2 Multiplication Table for 3
Multiplication Table for 4 Multiplication Table for 5
Multiplication Table for 6 Multiplication Table for 7
Multiplication Table for 8 Multiplication Table for 9
Multiplication Table for 10  

Multiplication Facts for 2 Multiplication Facts for 3
Multiplication Facts for 4 Multiplication Facts for 5
Multiplication Facts for 6 Multiplication Facts for 7
Multiplication Facts for 8 Multiplication Facts for 9
Multiplication Facts for 10 Mixed Multiplication Facts (1 to 5)
Mixed Multiplication Facts (1 to 10)
2 digits × 1 digit 3 digits × 1 digit
4 digits × 1 digit 2 digits × 2 digits
3 digits × 2 digits 4 digits × 2 digits
3 digits × 3 digits 5 digits × 2 digits

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Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Games (For PCs, Mobiles etc.)

Defeat the Math Monster Select Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide. If you get all 15 answers correct, you will destroy the math monster and collect the ancient Mayan treasure. As you get closer, the monster becomes more and more angry and changes color. Be careful though, if you miss three or more, you become lunch for the math monster! Ultimate Speed Math Choose Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide and the numbers to be used. See how many questions you can answer in the given time.
War Pretzels Use your math power to win the pretzel arm wrestling tournament. World Cup Math Choose Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide and your team. Select the correct answer and score a goal.
The Golden Path Choose Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide. Click on the lily pad with the largest value. Becoming Lord Voldemath Choose Add, Subtract, Multiply, or Divide and solve the math problems to become the master.
Sagemath Use your math skills to decide whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide.

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