2-digit plus 2-digit Worksheets (With Regrouping)

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Printable “Addition with Regrouping” worksheets:
2-digit + 1-digit (eg. 48 + 5)
2-digit + 2-digit (eg. 64 + 29)
3-digit + 2-digit (eg. 543 + 39)
3-digit + 3-digit (eg. 648 + 594)
Multi-digit Addition (eg. 12,456 + 3,376)

2-digit plus 2-digit Worksheets

Second Grade worksheets to help students learn how to add a 2-digit number to a 2-digit number. Regrouping or carrying may be required. Students can write the problems in a vertical form and use column addition to help them in the calculation or they may use other addition strategies.

How to add 2-digit numbers with regrouping:

  1. Line Up the Numbers:
    Write the numbers vertically, aligning their place values (tens and ones).
    Tens digits should be above each other, and ones digits should be above each other.
  2. Add the Ones Place:
    Start by adding the digits in the ones place.
    If the sum is 10 or more, you’ll need to regroup (carry over).
    Write the ones digit of the sum below the ones place column.
    Carry over the tens digit of the sum to the tens place.
  3. Add the Tens Place:
    Add the tens digits of both numbers, plus any carried-over digit from the ones place.
    Write the sum below the tens place column.

Key Points:
Regrouping (carrying over) is necessary when the sum of the digits in a place value is 10 or more.
The carried-over digit is added to the next place value.

Have a look at the following video if you need to revise how to use column addition.

Click on the following worksheet to get a printable pdf document.
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2-digit plus 2-digit worksheet for Second Grade

More 2-digit plus 2-digit Worksheets

Find the sum. Write the problem in vertical form, if necessary.
(Answers on the second page)
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2-digit plus 2-digit Worksheet (Interactive)

Addition within 10 (eg. 3 + 5)
Addition within 20 (eg. 6 + 8)
Mixed Single Digit Addition

2-digit + 1-digit (no regrouping) (eg. 56 + 3)
2-digit + 2-digit (no regrouping) (eg. 35 + 24)
2-digit + 1-digit (with regrouping) (eg. 48 + 5)

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