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Our collection of Rounding and Estimating Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some math skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the math games you are looking for.

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We have some estimation games, rounding number games, rounding decimal games, rounding number worksheets and rounding decimal worksheets. We have added some free estimation & rounding games that can be played on PCs, Tablets, iPads and Mobiles.

Free Rounding Games
Rounding Games for Kids Estimation Games Rounding Number Games
Rounding Decimal Games Rounding Number Worksheets Rounding Decimal Worksheets

Rounding Games for Kids

Rocket Rounding Rocket Rounding is a multiple-choice maths game which focuses on rounding numbers to tens, hundreds and whole numbers. Home Run Derby This game reinforces number sense and estimating sums, differences and products of four and five digit numbers. The closer your estimations, the further your home run travels
Estimation Valley Golf Estimation in Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Maximum Capacity Estimation, Addition. Bring as many gorillas as you can in 3 minutes. The capacity of the elevator changes each time, so be careful.

Estimation Games

How many marbles How Many Marbles is a fun 3D activity for children to practice estimating. Rotate the jar to see the number of marbles from different sides. Soccer Math - Estimating Soccer Math Estimating is a fun way for kids to practice estimating sums, differences, products and quotients. There are different levels of difficulty in each exercise making the game appropriate for a variety of students and grades. The game offers a fun penalty shot feature after players get five correct in a row.
Guess It! An estimation game for young children. Children will see a group of objects, and must estimate how many there were. Estimation Valley Golf Practice estimation skills in one of three courses: the putting green, the junior course, or the pro course
EstimationEstimate the result of a calculation using sensible rounding Ice Ice Maybe Help the penguins go on holiday in this estimation math game for Intermediate and Middle school students.
Estimation Games Choose a game type and try to estimate the values.

Rounding Number Games

Rounding Sharks Round a given number to the nearest hundred and select the correct spaceship. Suitable for grade 1 and grade 2. Estimation MultiplicationAnswer nine multiplication questions using estimation
Rounding Spaceships Round a given number to the nearest ten and select the correct spaceship. Suitable for grade 1 and grade 2. Estimation Word ProblemsAnswer nine word problems using estimation
Bike Racing MathWin the race by clicking on the correct answer to speed up the motorcycle. Cross Traffic RoundingGet the traffic safely through the intersection by rounding the numbers on the vehicles.
Hangman Rounding Round to thousands, add or subtract to get answer. Space JauntRace around the planet to win the race in this whole number rounding game.
Rounding Number Game Round the number to collect stars Math Dog (Round to 1000)Help math dog find the cat burglar by rounding to the nearest 1000.

Rounding Decimal Games

Round (nearest hundredths) using Number Line Rounding Decimals to the nearest hundredth Round (nearest thousandths) using Number LineRounding Decimals to the nearest hundredth
Round Decimals (nearest tenth)Rounding Decimals to the nearest tenth Round Decimals (nearest hundredth)Rounding Decimals to the nearest hundredth
Scooter Quest Decimals Rounding Help Jimmy make enough money to buy a scooter for his paper route by choosing the correct house. Franken WifeFranken Wife is a game that teaches you to get into the habit of rounding decimals. We can round decimals to a certain number of decimal places to create a kind of estimation where exact values are not too significant. The practice of rounding decimals is used to make a number easier, but keeping its value close to what it is.
Half-Court Rounding (Tenths) Round whole numbers and decimals to play basketball. Half-Court Rounding (Hundredths) Round whole numbers and decimals to play basketball.

Rounding Number Worksheets

Rounding Numbers (to the nearest 10) Rounding Numbers (to the nearest 10)
Rounding Numbers (to the nearest 100) Rounding Numbers (to the nearest 100)
Rounding Numbers (to the nearest 1000) Rounding Numbers (mixed)

Rounding Decimal Worksheets

Rounding Decimals (to the nearest ones) Rounding Decimals (to the nearest tenths)
Rounding Decimals (to the nearest hundredths) Rounding Decimals (mixed)
Rounding Decimals (mixed)  

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