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Units of Lengths (Grade 2)

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Videos, examples, lessons, and solutions to help Grade 2 students learn to measure the length of an object twice, using length units of different lengths for the two measurements; describe how the two measurements relate to the size of the unit chosen.

Common Core: 2.MD.2

Suggested Learning Target

  • I can select several appropriate units of length (e.g., inches, feet, centimeter, meter) to measure an object.
  • I can accurately measure an object with two different unit lengths.
  • I can compare the measurement using the shorter unit length to the measurement using the longest unit length, and explain how the size of the unit length affects the measurement.
  • I can recognize the equivalent units of 12 inches = 1 foot and 100 centimeters = 1 meter as well as non- standard equivalent measurements
Metric & Standard Measurement Systems
This video explains the development of the US standard system of measurement and the metric system and how the two systems differ.

Customary Units of Length
Learn about the customary or imperial system. Customary units of length are discussed including inches, feet, yards, and miles. Units of Length
How to estimate lengths using a ruler. Metric and Customary Units. Metric Measurement: Length
This video introduces students to the relative size of the basic units of length in the metric system. It also practices estimation skills. Metric Units of Length
This video gives benchmarks for mm, cm, m and km and how they are related.
The first part of the video would be suitable for grade 2 and second part would be suitable for grades 3 and 4.

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