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Perimeter and Area

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Videos, stories and songs to help Grade 2 students remember the difference between perimeter and area.

Perimeter Song. (Lyrics)
Intro spoken Rap:
Now that we learned how to learned to measure in centimeters and meters
and we talked abut inches and feet
now we’re going to talk about

With perimeter you have measure
each side, each side
add them up and we find
perimeter perimeter
that’s perimeter
perimeter perimeter
that’s perimeter Math Rocks! Perimeter & Area (Lyrics)
Perimeter means the outside,
Measure around a window or a door,
Add up the length of all sides,
It’s the outside.
Well maybe I’ll build a fence,
Or maybe I’ll take a walk around the block,
I need to find the distance, around the outside- it’s good.
Perimeter’s the outside- you just add,
It’s all around the outside- it’s good.
Perimeter’s the outside.

Area means the inside,
Cover the surface that’s inside,
Measure the length and then the width-
Then you multiply.
Well maybe I’ll buy a new shag carpet,
Or maybe I’ll make a quilt using squares,
I’ll just make sure—I multiply,
The length by the width, find square units inside.
It’s the area, that’s good.
The area’s the inside--- multiply,
The area’s the inside---it’s good.
Square units on the inside.

Perimeter’s the outside- you just add,
It’s all around the outside, it’s good.
The area’s the inside—multiply.
Square units on the inside.

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