Estimate Lengths (Grade 2)

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Videos, examples, lessons, and solutions to help Grade 2 students learn to estimate lengths using units of inches, feet, centimeters, and meters.

Common Core: 2.MD.3

Suggested Learning Target

  • I can estimate the length of a given object in inches and feet.
  • I can estimate the length of a given object in centimeters and meters.
  • I can use a benchmark when estimating
  • I can compare estimates to actual measurements

Estimating Measures Using Customary Units: 2.MD.3
How to estimate the length of objects using customary units and when it is appropriate to use inches, feet, or yards?

Estimating Length
Learn to estimate and compare measurements in inches, feet, yard and miles.

Metric Measurement: Length
This video introduces students to the relative size of the basic units of length in the metric system. It also practices estimation skills.

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