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Fun Science Projects & Experiments - Celery Experiment

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Grade 4

Science Experiment: Water Delivery in Plants, Celery and Food Coloring
Things needed:
1. Fresh celery stalk (stem) with leaves on top
2. A glass of water
3. Red ink or red food coloring
4. A knife

Step 1: Cut off the bottom of a celery stalk
Step 2: Prepare a glass of water with several drops of food coloring
Step 3: Leave the celery in colored water for two days
Step 4: Cut across the stalk with a knife

Which part or parts of the stem are red? Water Movement in Plants Video
Celery Experiment
This video uses the special effect of time lapse to show how water moves through plants. I used celery, cauliflower, and a leek to view the progress of red food coloring through these plants.

Water transport in plants
How water moves long distances in plants

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