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Budding In Hydra

Budding In Hydra

Hydra with bud
Hydra, a cnidarian relative of the jellies, can reproduce both asexually in a process called budding, and sexually by the production of egg and sperm. The hydra in the opening scene of the video is growing a young bud close to its base. Buds form as an outgrowth of the two-layered body wall. At first the tentacles are relatively short, and the gastrovascular cavity of the parent and the young bud are continuous. As the bud reaches maturity, the tentacles elongate and the gastrovascular cavity becomes separate. Eventually the bud pinches off and drops to the substratum to begin independent life.
This hydra has a small bud (clone).
Soon the bud will break free and become a separate animal.
Watch the hydra stretch and contract. Magnified 100x

Budding In Yeast and Hydra

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