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Fun Science Projects & Experiments - Force and Energy

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Science Projects or Science Experiments: Grades 4 & 5

Force and Energy

Eureka! Episode 1 - Inertia
This program introduces the series and sets forth the concept of inertia, the first law of physics: Things like to keep on doing what they're already doing.
Eureka! Episode 2 - Mass
Building on the concept of inertia, Eureka! adds the factor of mass, tells how it's measured, and shows how it differs from size. Concept: Inertia increases with mass

Eureka! Episode 3 - Speed
The concept of speed is introduced to the inertia-mass relationship. Concept: Force varies with mass and rate of change of speed
Eureka! Episode 4 - Acceleration Part I
With the examples of a bicycle and a baseball player, an important rule of physics becomes apparent. Concept: Force = mass x acceleration.

Eureka! Episode 5 - Acceleration Part II
An animated locomotive helps explain how acceleration works and is calculated. The importance of reasonable units is stressed. Concept: Acceleration = m/s2

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