Junior Certificate Science Experiments for Biology

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Examples, solutions, videos and experiments that are suitable for Biology.

To Show That Starch Is Made During Photosynthesis
In this experiment we will show that starch is made by a plant during photosynthesis.

Conditions Necessary for Germination of Seeds
In this experiment we will show that the following conditions are necessary for seeds to germinate: oxygen, water and a suitable temperature. If any of these conditions are lacking then the seeds will not germinate.

Phototropism: To Show the Growth Response of a Plant to Light
In this investigation we grow some mustard seeds and see how they react by growing towards the light.

Diffusion: High School Biology Lab
The focus of the first part of this lab is diffusion. The purpose of this video is to help students understand the meaning and process of diffusion.

Osmosis: High School Biology Lab
This video biology lab demonstrates the process of Osmosis using eggs to represent cells.

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