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Fun Science Projects & Experiments - Planets in our Solar System

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Examples, solutions, videos, and songs to look at the planets in our Solar System

Science Projects or Science Experiments for Grades 3 & 4.

The Planets in Our Solar System - The 8 Planets
Discover our universe in this online astronomy class. In this sample, we'll explore our solar system and the 8 planets (pluto, you know, is no longer considered a planet).

This video will take you on a journey through the eight planets. During this journey you will learn more about the planets. While you learn about the planets you will also learn the order of the planets from the sun. Hope this journey of the planets will be fun to you!
There are 8 planets in the system of ours. Let's take a trip way up in the stars.
First, we have the sun it's a big red ball of fire. Even though its hot its something we desire.
Mercury it's the closet to the sun. 800 degrees would not be any fun.
The next one is Venus, its size makes it our twin. Takes 243 days to make one full spin.
The third planet is earth, the place we call home, people and animals together we all roam.
Next we have Mars a place you might visit. The neighbor of the earth a red color is it.
Jupiter is the next one to come. The king of the planets its the biggest one.
We all know about Saturn and its many rings its very gasey among other things.
Uranus takes 84 years to rotate the sun. Its the 7th planet and a very blue one.
Farthest away Neptune's the one -370 degrees its far from the sun.
These are the planets all 8 in a row so if any one ask its something you know.
Naming the Planets - Brainsmart - BBC
Learn how to remember all the planets of the Solar System in order.
My - Mercury
Very - Venus
Energetic - Earth
Mum - Mars
Just - Jupiter
Served - Saturn
Us - Uranus
Noodles - Neptune

Planets & Stars Size in Scale
The size of a planet can vary widely even within a single solar system. Stars can also vary in size, ranging from thousands of times bigger than the earth to just 10 kilometers in diameter. Find out the differences in planet and star size with information from a travel specialist in this free video on astronomy.
Learning About The Planets in Our Solar System
A fun science lesson for children on the planets in our solar system. Start with the inner planets and have a few laughs with Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars before venturing out to the Outer Planets (a.k.a. the Gas Giants) and talk to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. You will learn a few cool facts about each before we zoom out from our planet, beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, and the far reaches of the universe as we know it. The Planets (in our Solar System)
A song about the eight planets in our solar system.

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