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Tornado in a Bottle

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Fun Science Experiments : How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle
To make a tornado in a bottle, fill a plastic bottle partially with water, add a few drops of dish soap and add a bit of glitter before swirling the water around to create a miniature cyclone. Create a tornado in a bottle, making sure the cap is watertight, with a demonstration from a science teacher in this free video on science.
Tornado Tube - Vortex in a Bottle
Create a tornado in a bottle! With this colorful plastic tube, learn about the science of vortex energy, the swirling, twisting and spiraling action that can be found everywhere in nature.

Tornado in a Bottle (Science Experiment) Water
Tornado in a bottle is a great experiment you can do with your kids, students and anyone else. It is easy and fun to do. Definitely try to do it at home. Water vortex
Tornado Tube - Cool Science Experiment
How long does it take to empty a soda bottle full of water? You'll amaze your dinner guests and explore some of the scientific properties of air and water when you learn how to empty a full bottle of water in just a few seconds.

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