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Science Projects or Science Experiments: Grades 4 & 5

Simple Machines: Inclined Plane, Lever, Mechanical Advantage and Friction, Screw, Wheel, and Pulley.

Eureka! Episode 11 - The Inclined Plane
This program demonstrates how an inclined plane allows you to trade increased distance for decreased force
Eureka! Episode 12 - The Lever
Eureka! demonstrates the principle of the lever: "The longer the arm of the lever to which force is applied, the less that force need be."

Eureka! Episode 13 - Mechanical Advantage and Friction
Professors A and B compare the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane with that of a lever.
Eureka! Episode 14 - The Screw and The Wheel
This program provides examples and definitions of a screw and a wheel; a screw is simply a twisted inclined plane; a wheel is simply a circular lever, whose fulcrum has become an axle. Eureka! Episode 15 - The Pulley
Eureka! shows viewers how a pulley works to lift a heavy object. If you double the number of ropes supporting the weight, you double the mechanical advantage.

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