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Mixing Lights - Science Experiments

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This is a series of science experiments in videos covering concepts taught in Schools and High Schools. Demonstrate how red, green, and blue light can be mixed to create white light.

The following diagram shows the mixing of red, green, and blue light to create white lights. Scroll down the page for more examples for mixing of lights.

Mixing Lights

Mixing Light - Science Theater
Liquid light can be mixed to create pure white light. In the premiere episode, "lightstick juice" is used to demonstrate how red, green, and blue light can be mixed to create white light.
Photons of Light - Science Theater
LEDs and photosensitive paper show light be a particle in this demonstration explaining how light comes in little "packets" that we call photons. Colored LEDs make phosphorescent paper glow only if their color (frequency) of light is high enough in energy.

Air Pressure - Science Theater
Can-crushing, balloon-inflating, juice-box-drinking action in this study of air pressure: how it happens, what it is, and why.
Temperature - Science Theater
Hot stuff and cold science explain temperature and its affect on chemical reactions. Crowd-pleasing lightsticks make their return in this episode focusing on temperature.

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