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This is a series of Junior Certificate Chemistry Experiments in videos.
Filtration, Evaporation, distillation, Chromatography, rusting, pH of materials, Prepare sodium chloride, prepare hydrogen, prepare oxygen, prepare carbon dioxide.

Junior Cert - Science experiments - Chemistry
Junior Certificate Mandatory Chemistry Experiments.

**OC2a Filtration**
Separating Mixtures by Filtration

OC2b Evaporation
To Separate a Saltwater Mixture by Evaporation

OC2c Distillation
To Separate a Saltwater Mixture by Distillation
In this episode we will separate a mixture of sat and water by distillation. Distillation allows us to keep both the water and the salt from the mixture. Distillation is also commonly used to separate two liquids, e.g. water and alcohol.

OC2d Chromatography
This video shows a paper chromatography experiment conducted to separate the different pigments present in a wet erase marker.

OC46 Investigate conditions for rusting
In this experiment we will investigate the conditions necessary for rust to form. We will see that we need oxygen and water in order for rust form.

OC19 pH of a variety of materials
We check if things are acidic or basic

OC38 Prepare a sample of sodium chloride
Titration: Acid + Base = Salt + Water
We make some table salt by mixing the right amount of acid and base

OC51 React zinc and hydrochloric acid
In this experiment, we will make hydrogen using hydrochloric acid and zinc. The reaction will produce hydrogen gas which we will collect in test tubes and test.

OC22a Show that 20% of air is oxygen

OC24 Prepare and test oxygen gas
In this experiment we will make oxygen using the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by manganese dioxide.

OC27 How to make Carbon Dioxide and Examine its Properties
In this experiment I will show you how to make carbon dioxide using hydrochloric acid and calcium carbonate.
Carbon Dioxide does not support combustion and is more dense than air
Limewater test for Carbon Dioxide

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