Amylase Experiments

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Amylase Experiments - Saliva and Cracker
Saliva and Crackers
Saliva has various enzymes in it, including amylase (ptyalin) and lipase that help start the digestion of foods. Check out how saliva helps break down the starches in a cracker, as seen in its inability to react with iodine.

Experiment with Salivary Amylase Enzyme
This video shows a demonstration of the enzyme amylase which is present in our saliva. The enzyme aids in digestion by breaking down starch molecules present in the foods we eat.

Benedict Test
Reducing Sugars Test
detecting the presence of glucose.

Level I Chemistry Experiment–Amylase Action
This video demonstrates how the enzymes in saliva begin to break down complex carbohydrates, or starches, to turn food into usable energy by the human body.

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