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Making Clouds (Science Experiments in Videos)

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This is a series of science experiments in videos covering concepts taught in Schools and High Schools.

Making Clouds - Science Theater 33
How to make a cloud in a bottle in four easy steps. Dr. Carlson takes on a giant glass ball of green liquid in an attempt to explain how clouds are formed. In a never-before seen feature, this episode even includes Director's Commentary for the first segment. Yes, it's a feature, not a bug.
Quantum Mechanics - Science Theater 35
Can you change reality just by looking at it? Dr. Carlson says no! Watch on to see just what we mean when scientists talk about observers determining reality in this down-to-earth explanation of Quantum Mechanics.

A Particle Experiment Episode 36
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - Science Theater 37
Physics tells us that you can't know exactly where you are and where you are going at the same time! Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle explains that you can't measure a particle's exact velocity and location, Dr. Carlson takes on the challenge of explaining it all in this special, third anniversary, episode.

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