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Terrestrial Biomes, Taiga and Tundra Biomes, Desert Biomes, Savanna Biomes, Grasslands and Prairies

Terrestrial Biomes
Biomes | Biology | Ecology
This video on Terrestrial Biomes starts by introducing the four requirements of life - nutrients, energy, liquid water and temperatures appropriate for carrying out life processes and then goes on to explain the factors such as latitude, proximity to oceans, and elevation, that affect climate. Climates relationship to the type of vegetation found in a biome is then explained before introducing students to the major terrestrial biomes including tropical rainforests, temperate rainforests, deciduous forests, savannas, grasslands, chaparrals, taiga, tundra and deserts.

Taiga and Tundra Biomes
This movie illustrates the beauty and wonder of two of the world’s biomes.

Desert Biome
The desert biome is characterized by low precipitation, a high rate of evaporation (seven to fifty times as much as precipitation), and a wide daily range in temperature. The dramatic temperature fluctuations are the result of low humidity, which allows up to 90 percent of solar radiation to penetrate the atmosphere and heat the ground during the day, then for this accumulated heat to be released back into the atmosphere at night.
Precipitation in deserts, unlike other biomes, is highly irregular. In the Sonoran Desert, rain usually comes in short, sporadic clusters of rainy days three to fifteen times a year. On average, only one to six of these rainfalls is large enough to stimulate plant growth. Thus, Sonoran plants experience long periods of inactivity broken by periods of rapid growth and reproduction.

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